Breathless cruise?


I’d like to hear from those who have booked this boat cruise for Illuminations or for that matter, any boat cruise. Did you think it was worth it? We will be a party of four and would like something a little special and slightly romantic. At one time I had read of a private dinner cruise, but I see nothing on that. Also, any other suggestions.



I have booked an Illuminations cruise for September with the Pontoon Boat!! I have never done this before!! However, I have heard it is GREAT!!! very worth it and alot of fun!!!

We are very excited!!!


I only hear about the Illuminations cruise. Is it true that there is also a Wishes cruise? Is it booked the same?


I am pretty sure you can do a Wishes cruise too!!! Call 407-wdw-play!!!


Yes. Wishes cruises are also available and usually easier to get than the Illuminations cruises. The thing you have to remember with Illuminations cruises is due to space constraints under the bridge, there are only 4 boats that go out. (Two pontoon boats that can be booked by WDW PLAY, the Breathless also booked by WDW PLAY and another Pontoon boat for Platinum Plan guests that are booked by the Platinum Plan Itinerary planners)

Because of this it seems that an Illuminations cruise is harder to get than a PS at CRT. The Wishes cruise offers the same amenities (From boat and driver only all the way up to food, snacks, alcohol, or if you wanted to celebrate they can decorate for birthday parties and what not) and with the various resorts and numerous places on Seve Seas Lagoon/Bay Lake there are anywhere from 15 to 20 boats that cruise nightly for the Wishes show.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:



I have done both the pontoon and Breathless for IllumiNations. My boyfriend and I did the pontoon together- just the 2 of us and our captain. It was very nice and the wind was blowing in the opposite direction so there was no smoke from fireworks blocking our view. ( I have heard that is a common complaint.) When we did Breathless, we had my 2 young nieces and brother and sister-in-law. It was too many people, but we still had fun. Breathless should be saved for a romantic cruise, whereas the pontoon is great fun for a group. It is the best way to see IllumiNations!


We have been lucky enough to enjoy an IllumiNations cruise during our last two trips. I have to say it is a highlight of both trips. It is well worth the money and the time and stress it takes to book it. We had a pontoon boat both time and it worked well for our groups (5 people once and 9 the second time). Aaron was our pilot last summer and he was nice but we had Jeff in July and he was awesome. Jeff was so nice and easy to visit with from the minute we first met him.


How much does this cost?


The pontoon boat is about $120, but Breathless I believe is more like $180!!


You can rent the Grand One Yacht from the Grand Floridian for an hour. It holds up to 16 people and is loaded with amenities. You can also have dinner served on it and have butler serve the dinner to you. This will be to watch the Wishes firework show at MK. The cost for the boat is $350 for the hour, the butler is another $50 and you pick the dinner off of the room service menu at Grand Floridian. The dinner and the butler are optional. I will be doing this next Thursday when I propose to my girlfriend. It is a little pricey but very romantic. Have fun on your trip.



I did the pontoon and It was really nice. However that night was foggy and we didnt see much . Also you connect(literally) with the rest of the boats that were rented under the bridge at UK. Not romantic …so close to the other you could shake hands.

I am not sorry We did it but I probably wouldnt do it again. Plus it took almost a whole week to get the reservation with calling at 6:58 in the morning 60 days out. You need to factor the weather too …I think its a no refund thing… rain or shine.


The cruise is cancelled in the event of bad weather. Last summer Aaron told us the boats were not sent out the night before we took our cruise.