Bridges Live report


Hello all I will try to do a live report as much as I can.

Day one.
Cast me, ds, dd, my brother and his wife.

We get up at six am hit the shower, load the car and wait for my brother and his wife to get to my mom and dads. They get there and we are off.


Have a wonderful time! I hope you have a good drive. Where will you be staying?


We are staying at pop


935 in the room I must say I love the online check in now off to MK


Have an awesome time…we were checked in by 1pm when we arrived…loved being able to put things in our room and go off to the parks!


First ride in the mk is buzz and it breaks down(( well off to sm


Off sm on to the people mover and then back to buzz


How are the crowds?


To tell the truth the crowds are not bad today at all for a sat. 20min wait is the longest wait time so for.


Now at 3:23 we are on the railroad train over to toontown