Bridges Trip Report Birthday fun


Here is my trip report hope you all enjoy it. Cast is as follow my brother his wife and myself.
We are celebrating my bro birthday (Dec 31) and mine (Dec 24) Better late than never I know. I live in Key West and they live in Palmetto so they where driving up and I flew. I left Key West at 1:12 and landed at orlando around 2:20 and was on the bus at 254 pulling out 300 and at 338 was in the lobby of All Star Sports. I had done the online check in and I was glad I did there where about 10 people in line and I was the first one in the online check in. After getting my room keys my brother and his wife where just pulling up, great timing. We then went to the room to put there stuff up. We then jumped on the bus and was off to Epcot. Once there it was over to Epcot to pick up our AP’s which I talked my brother into getting lol. Then we were off into Epcot. This was the first time for my bro and his wife to be at Epcot.

Since there was no line for Spaceship Earth we got on it. Then it was over to the UK for the first drink of the night. We both had a Stongbow beer. Next it was off to France where we had a nice glass of Pinot Noir which was very good. Then is was a good ol’ Bud Light. Followed by a glass of Asti. Next it was a shot of Jager in Germany. Then some Dos Equis’s in Mexico. Then we went to Japan to Teppan Edo for dinner. While waiting we went and got a Beer from Japan. Once at the table we ended up doing warm sake bombs. Dinner was good I had steak and shirmp. After dinner it was back to the hotel bar for a few more before bed. All in all we had a great time. Day 2 will be posted later


Tell me more…tell me more.


Great start…keep it coming!


Loving your TR so far, cant wait to hear more:mickey:


I’ve heard about people drinking their way around the world…:tongue: Can’t wait to see how you felt the next day! I’d be stuck in bed…lightweight:biggrin:


here is some pics


more pics for you all


sorry for the pics being sideways they are not saved that way


Love the start of your TR, and the pics too, more please!


Would an 13 stop monorail pub crawl interest you in its place?