Bridges Trip Report


Ok all I just back to Key West today, after 8 days in the world. And will be working on my Trip Report. First things first I am not the best at writing so any misspelled words or gramer issues please don’t hold it against me.


Day 1

Day one starts with the alarm going off at 6am. We then packed the car and waited for my brother and his wife to get to my mom and dad’s. They get there and then we are off to the World. We are on the road by 7am. My mom lives in Palmetto Fl so after a stop in Plant City for some food we were pulling into Pop Century at 9:05. We had done online check it so are room was ready when we got there. We unpacked and was off to the MK.

We get to MK and head over to Buzz. While in line they tell us it was down. (( So then we went over to Space Mountain, where we walked right on. After SM we went and road the People Mover. While on the PM we saw that Buzz was back up and running so we then went on it. Next we went on the COP for a nice seat down ride, lol.

Next we went over to Jungle Cruise and rode it. Then over to PofC love seeing Jack though out the ride. Next it was over to Splash Mountain to get a fast pass. Then the plan was to ride Thunder Mountain, but it was down(((. So it was off to lunch at Wild Bills.

After lunch we went to ride HM while waiting for the FP time to come. After the HM back over to Splash but as our luck was going it was down. So we jumped on the railroad and went over to Toonland. Where we went to Mickey’s house and saw Mickey. Then it was off to see Tinkerbell and friends. Now my DS was not happy about the sign saying 60 min wait. After that we headed back over to do Thunder and Splash.

Next it was over to Philahmagic. After that it was over to the CP for dinner. The food was good. Our server was ok but Tiger was the only one that had been to our table and he was already asking if we wanted the check. I was like dude we have only seen Tiger so far we are going to wait. Well we saw all but Pooh Bear and since we will be there for lunch we said we could get him on Thurs.

Next we got in line for the EML parade. Very good to see this, and glad it’s staying for now. Next we watched the fireworks. After that it was off to the bus to head back to the room.

Well that’s it for Day 1 next is HS later all.


here are some pics from the first day


Pics and more Pics


Liking it so far… Great pics!



Love the pics. Can’t wait for more.

Thank you for sharing.



That was some first day. You rode a ton of rides. I’m confused, how many people went?


sorry bout that. party that went was Me, my son, my daughter. my brother and his wife for the first 2 days that we were there


I though maybe your mom and dad went too.

It was great that your room was ready so early. I’m hoping we get the same luck come sept.


Busy first day! Can’t wait to read more!


Looks like you had some happy munchkins!
I wanna hear what you did the last night… LOL! Where were the beverages partaken at?
Don’t make us wait :slight_smile:


GREAT!!! Can’t wait to read more! The pictures are fun!!


Great start! Ready to read more! :happy:


ok, here we are. We are waiting of the next day :biggrin:


wow great first day… love your picture they are so clear… more please.


I will guys sorry I will get more up I have been working everyday since I got back. I got off the plane on Sunday and went right to work.


I guess we can wait a few minutes :sleeping:


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Day 2 on the way