Brilliant restaurant rehab idea, if I do say so myself!


Wouldn’t it be cool to take Cap’n Jack’s Oyster Bar at DTD and totally transform it into Captain Jack Sparrow’s Oyster Bar??? Then theme the place to pieces and step up the quality on the seafood!!! Serve mega-rum drinks and all manner of gruesome desserts, like a “Jar Of Dirt” maybe???
Hmmm… who do I write about this??? LOL :pirate:


That is a great idea! I would be one of the first to make PS’s!! :pirate:


Is Captain Jack’s a Disney-owned and operated restaurant? If it is,then I don’t think there would be any prblem with Disney implementing it.


Now THAT’s a neat idea! (Would Captain Jack be there?)


I think the title of this forum is completely correct…“Brilliant restaurant rehab idea…”


Great idea!


I am SO there!
I’ll have a Barbosa Mimosa please!


Would they serve octopus? It might remind people of Davy Jones’ face!

Great idea by the way.


:laugh: :laugh: That’s excellent!


I just got back from the movie! I agree, there’s no way to get enough of that pirate. A restaurant would be awesome! What a great idea!!! The Imagineers would be jealous they didn’t think of it first.



That is a brilliant idea. I’d add that place to my must do list, and I’d wear all my pirate garb. I don’t think that place is Disney owned, but I’m not positive. But any pirate themed restaraunt, I’m so there! I wouldn’t get a Barbosa Mimosa, but I’d take a Jack (ha!) & Coke (in a nice sovenir pirate mug of course) :laugh:


Great idea, i would go to DTD just for that!


Now THAT is an excellent idea!!


Quick…patent that idea and then call WDW before they “think” of it and take the credit. I’ll be your manager…lol I love the concept and think it would be VERY cool! They should have a themed restaurant near the attraction…yes, Johnny Depp can be my server any time:wub:


fantastic idea! I’m soooooo there!


Yes it is Disney owned and operated. I think this is an excellent idea. The restaurant really hasn’t changed much if ever. The only difference was that it was more oyster bar’ish where they had a refridgerated display case by the bar where they displayed oyster etc. and you could order oysters on the half shell and steamed clams etc. I haven’t been inside in a few years but the display was still there the last time I stopped by.

You used to be able to sit at the bar and just order drinks which I did frequently.