Bring water and food into parks


Can you bring your own water and some cut up fruit into the parks?


The last few times I was there I was shocked at what they allowed people to bring in. I saw a couple people with those soft side mini coolers on wheels. I think as long as it’s not in glass they’ll let u in with it!


Personally I’ve been able to bring water in. I’m not sure about food though.


Food, drinks, plastic ware, and kids are allowed at the parks :biggrin:


Everyone brings in water now. I’ve seen loads of families entering MK with all kinds of supplies for the clan, usually on overloaded strollers or in huge overloaded bags.


I took water and those little SF koolaide individual packs. I took about 4-6 bottles frozen and then just refilled them. It was SOOOOO much better than having to wait in line to ask for water because I wasn’t not about to let my kids drink that much pop for a whole week straight.
I did see quite a few people eating sandwiches, chips and picnic type things out of baggies that I am assuming they brought.


We have taken water & snacks into the park. They will check your bags… but have never questioned us regarding the food.


Can we BAN kids? They just whine all day. :biggrin: Didn’t they get the MEMO? It’s the happiest place on earth! :laugh:

Oh, no beer or alchol. They will take that. Got to buy that - ABC laws.


The policy is no food and drink in the park. That being said, they don’t tell you not to when you go through security… I don’t bother. I have no desire to carry anything when there. IT’s vacation…if I want fruit or a drink, I just pay WAY to much for it…lol


I like to have water with us. And snacks. And not because of the cost savings, but the time savings. I would much rather spend time waiting in line for an attraction than waiting in line for a snack or drink. It also is a godsend when you have kids with you, being able to pull a snack out of your backpack on the spot, can literally save the day!!


I started bringing in soda and foodin 1991. I have NEVER been told,nor have I seen anywhere,anything official saying you couldn’t bring in your own food and drink.


We took in a large soft sided cooler last year w/ water bottles and all kinds of snacks for my diabetic mother.


we always do!


When I went last week they did ask the people not to wrap things in tin foil. The security needs to see what food you are bringing in.
We brought in water and snacks all week.


We have brought in water, and fruit snacks. I do not like to lug things around excempt the kids.


yep…you certainly can. Just do not bring any glass into the park.:happy:


Never had a problem.:happy: