Bringing a 1 year old to WDW in the summer


My husband and I are trying to decide if we want to brave bringing a 1 year old to Disney this summer. We haven’t been in a few years and are itching to go. I know that we would be traveling on her schedule, and are prepared to take many breaks and are just looking for a relaxing low key trip. My biggest concern is that we live in Maine so the change in temperature will be quite a shock for her. Should I be concerned about the heat with a one year old? Can anyone give me any tips to make the trip run more smoothly? And please be honest, is it really worth the trip with such a young child? Thanks so much!


I have taken a 14 month old in the summer… Just make sure they have plenty to drink, and that you are in the cool air conditioning as much as possible. It’s not bad, unless you have to hold her all the time. Then it is hot and sticky. My child loved small world, etc at that time- it was so colorful and slow enough they could process it… Oh, and get there early before it gets miserably hot.

Have fun!


Bring a grandparent, that’s my tip !!! :laugh::laugh:

Can you go at another time or do you have job issues? I haven’t been in the summer in about 30 yrs, so I can’t give much advise. The heat would do me in.


Great tip Jo Jo. Mine came in handy.


We do travel in the summer because I am a teacher, it is hot, but when you don’t have much of a choice you can make it work!


I think taking a 1 yr old to WDW is completely doable. Sounds like you are in the right frame of mind by recognizing that you will be on her schedule. Both of my kids were approx. 15 months before I took them to Disney.


It can be done. Hit the parks early and take a break to cool off and recharge in the afternoon then hit the parks again once it starts to cool off again in the evening. Drink lots and keep try to stay shaded as much as possible.


Something we did with our two yr old DGS. While sitting in the stroller, I would put some cold water onto the tray. He was happy to splash his hands into it. He got a little wet, but it kept him busy and cooler.

Also, a stroller with a deep shade or one of those super shades and you add on top. I always cringed when I saw little kids in stroller just baking away in the sun. One of those little fans would be good. We had a little one that was like a cage, so DGS couldn’t put his fingers thru and he loved it. (Just keep it away, while splashing in the water noted above )