Bringing snacks for room


We are getting ready for our first trip to Disney in 4 years, only 9 days to go. I am trying to get all my last minute stuff done, which leads me to my question…

Has anyone ever used a grocery delivery service to get food to your room? I would be getting breakfast stuff, bottled water, baby food…that type of thing. I know it would be easier to have it delivered than to try and take it with me on the plane, the small price difference isn’t a big deal. I am just worried about giving cc info to a business I’ve never dealt with before and aren’t sure if they are truly reliable. Any advice or experience? Thanks in advance.


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I know that a bunch of Buzzers have used and are very happy with their service


We didn’t use delivery service. We shipped a box of snacks and other miscellaneous things in advance. The box was at the resort when we got there. Worked great for us twice!

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The towncar service we use that takes us to our resort allows us to have a 15 -30 minute grocery stop. We take advantage of that for all of our grocery needs.


welcome to MB!! I’ve heard lots of good things about garden grocer.

if you are renting a car, i’d just stop by the grocery on your way to the resort. If you are using magical express, I’d use I think for bottled water, the shipping would be so high - that stuff is heavy!

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We didn’t use a delivery service either. We packed one suitcase with juice boxes, cereal, etc. and checked it in at the airport. It worked well for us for when we were done with our vacation we had an extra suitcase to bring home our souvenirs.


that’s what we did too - we brought yoohoo (the girls were super excited, they never get those at home) and poptarts, breakfast bars, fruit snacks, etc. We just bought bottled water and refilled the bottles at night, and stuck them in our ice bucket to keep cold. worked well for us.

if we had driven, i would have brought a case of water though. we considered gardengrocer, but decided the extra suitcase would be better used.

If you have a lot to bring, and don’t think that packing it will work, i think gardengrocer has had a lot of good reviews on here…i would trust them.


If we dont have too much stuff, we just pack it and bring it from home. When we have needed more, we have used garden grocer and they were great. Good luck!


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We have used a stop by the car service and Both have worked well.


We used and were very happy with them. It was great to have bottled waters, juice, soda, snacks and breakfast items delivered to the room. I would definately use them again!


Thank you all for your help. I will probably order from I need to have distilled water for the 8 month old, regular bottled water makes him sick, and there is really no easy way to take that on the plane. I would be so afraid of it leaking everywhere! I am taking the ME or would stop at a store on the way.

Thanks again for all the help!:happy:


I use for all our WDW trips. I buy everything from snacks to diapers and Shampoo and toothpaste from them. They are great and always on time. Prices aren’t that bad either.


Make sure you do garden grocer atleast a week in advance. Learn from my experience. I tried to make grocery arrangements about a 6 days out and they were totally booked.
We always take our own water and snacks. Took baby food and such too.


We always go to wal-mart before we check in and we get all our grocerys(we have a camper)


We did and we really liked it. The prices weren’t that bad and it was waiting for us when we got into our room.


We drive down from NC, so we don’t have to have snacks delivered–we take our own. But, I do think it’s a great idea to have snacks for the room. My kids like to have a breakfast bar or something in the morning before we head out. Good luck finding the best way to get snacks to your room.:happy:


We’re new DVC members. I noticed that the resorts offer to have groceries in your room for you upon arrival. Does anyone know how that service compares to