Brittany Murphy... Tinkerbell!?


Brittany Murphy is voice of Disney’s Tinker Bell
The Walt Disney Co on Tuesday said “Just Married” actress Brittany Murphy will provide the voice for the fairy Tinker Bell in an upcoming animated film…

Brittany Murphy? Are you serious? I don’t know if I like the way that fits… I just pictured someone more… pixie-ish? Now all I’m going to hear is Luanne… :glare:


she would not be my first choice either… but Im not a huge fan of hers - i would picture someone - perhaps a little person doing it- Or a primordeal (sp?) dwarf? I absolutely love their voices!!!


I wouldn’t have thought of it either, but I bet it will be very comical!


I can’t stand her voice! She bugs me in everything she’s in.


Would this movie be based on the book “Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg?”

The book was so cute, would love to see it made into an animated film.


i think she can pull it off. i am not a big fan of hers, but this might just work. I guess we’ll have to wait an see…


I have avoided her movies so all I have seen her in is Clueless where she has a Brooklyn accent. That would be interesting for Tink. :laugh:


who do you guys think should’ve been the voice of tinkerbell?


I’m not a big fan of Brittany Murphy either, but as we have not heard Tink speak before, what should she sound like? I think maybe a child actor would have been a better choice.


I have learned my lesson… when I read that Tom Hanks was going to play Robert Langdon in The DaVinci Code, I was horrified! I love Tom Hanks but after reading those books I could not see him in the role in any way shape or form, then the movie came out, I was so suprised, he did a GREAT job.

Therefore, I am leaving the casting to those who know what they are doing, I am best suited as a viewer. I don’t mind Brittany Murphy, but I am sure Disney would not stear their productions wrong.


I join the cast of NON-Murphy fans…but I can imagine her voice as Tinkerbell…guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

On a side note, I do think that Owen Wilson’s voice was perfect in Cars…

I’m just excited there is a new Tinkerbell movie coming out!


I guess I’m the only one that likes her? LOL! I think she’ll do great!


I don’t see it immediately, but I think somebody along the line had a clue of what they were doing


I think she will great also. I think she is very pixie ish.


I think her voice will work for Tinkerbell! Either way, my DW, (whose favorite Disney character is the afore mentioned little pixie!) is really excited about a Tinkerbell movie! :happy:


LOL for sure about the accent…that would be nuts! I don’t like or hate her…have no real opinion on her. I know I hated her in 8 mile, but I hated t hated that entire movie, so it was personal. :angel:


I thought Tinkerbell was called Tinkerbell because she sounds like Jingling bells when she communicates.

Tinkerbell does not need a voice. :nonono2:


Well, I don’t like or hate her. But I keep hearing the voice of Luanne (King of the Hill) running through my head. I just hope Brittany has this hidden fairy voice that fits Tink. Because I seriously can’t stand her speaking voice.


I guess we haven’t ever heard her speak before, have we??? Odd…I never even THOUGHT about that!


Remember Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell? That was awful!