Broke down and went Gift card


I finally had to go the Gift card route with spending money for WDW. Disney dollars are a pain to get any more. They never have them in stock or they only issue so many per transaction. I can’t even get travel checks anymore. It’s insane. I gave my my $1000 this morning and asked her to get me $100 gift cards through the tuition program for the WDW trip. I’ll take cash for the rest I guess…blech I wish for the good ol days when you could buy travel checks at my bank and get disney dollars. I HATE GIFT CARDS!!! They work, but they are such a pain!


We had the same problem last year as far as travelers check. They told us that they had been having problems with counterfeits. We ended up putting money on a bank card. It works just like a debit card. The issue a pin when you get it and this way we didnt have to use our regular account and have to keep tabs on every thing we used it for. Other than for just knowing what our balance was ( Called a 800 #). Went in and put so much on a card for myself and got a seperate card for my daughter. At the end of the trip I just went in the bank and transfer the balance back into my regular account on mine. My daughter used hers for the rest of the year till it was gone. Saved us from having to take a lot of cash. Hope it helps!


P.S. Like the new photo!


My bank offered us the same service. I like having my money seperated by day. It keeps me on a budget…I know how ridiculous that sounds. Just virutally pat me on my head…lolol


Thank you. the CM posing is my FAVORITE TOT CM…he’s VERY into character and posed for us when I took this.


I have to tell you, I felt the same way about Gift Cards before but I starting using them in Disney within the past 3 years and I LOVE them SO much better. They’re also processing them easier on the newer registers. They have cute graphics on them too, haha. I think you’ll end up liking them.

PS: if I remember correctly, if they are Disney gift cards they now print your balance left for the card on the receipts (they definately verbally told me by balance every transaction) which makes keeping track of them SO much easier.


I too wish it was easier to get the Disney dollars, my children love them. Can you get the gift cards at the Disney Stores… if yes do they charge you a monthy fee if you do not use them after so long?

Thank you :happy:


There are no service fees on the Disney Gift Card. We came back with a $400 balance on a card and used it the following year…started with the $400 balance.


I like the gift cards. My daughter was on her senior class trip last week at WDW and I wanted to add more $$ to the gift card that I gave her as a surprise. I made a call to their customer service dept (I wrote down the card number) and the money was added on the next day. My only complaint was that you have to call to add more money, I wish they offered the service on line.