Brother Bear 2


Has anyone seen this?

Is anyone else wondering WHY Disney sequelled a mediocre, poor-box-office film?


We have not seen it yet. We tried to watch Brother Bear yesterday to see if we wanted to get the new one and my DD did not watch 15 minutes of it. I know she only 2, but when something peaks her interest, she lasts for a while. I guess we will just have to continue watching Little Einsteins and Snow White over and over and over and over.

I hope someone knows if it is worth purchasing. It seems like Disney is making alot of sequels these days.


WHY? Cuz they sequel EVERYTHING. :pinch:


I can’t imagine that it is. Disney sequels are notoriously bad, and this wasn’t a great movie to begin with.


I didn’t even see the first one…we own a copy too…go figure. I have no desire to either. Sorry all…this is one dud I have no need to see. I wouldn’t even bother with the second one either…disney sequels are rarely worth the price tag.


Good question. Though they keep doing it…


From what I hear the Pixar merger has put an end to all further sequels, unless there is a quality, compelling story line worth telling.


I just love the first 5 mins.


Of BB or the sequal?

And “Hi” FA. Good to see you!


of the original bb :rolleyes:

“Hi” Caver… can u see me :huh:


Oops! I let that slip. :pinch:

I agree, the first 5 minutes is pretty good. I also like the scene when they reach all the other bears and sing that song “Family Time” or whatever it’s called.


Gee, what a brilliant and ingenius qualifier… :huh: :laugh:


I have not seen it and probably wil not. DS6 did not like the first one.


Well, TS2 was a huge success. I am greatly happy that Pixar people are now at the helm of Disney animation.


I agree. And, from what I hear from a friend who’s a Disney animator, there’s a more positive feel around the “office” as well.


I really enjoyed the first one. :wub:

But will definitely NOT be watching the second. I haven’t watched a single sequel, I don’t believe. (Not counting Pixar.)

Nope. Not Lion King, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Pocahontas…none of those. Never watched a sequel and don’t really intend to.


I love the first movie, but I’m still debating on getting BB2 because their last sequal Bambi 2 I actually enjoyed! (Call me crazy, I know you want 2).


I’ve not heard anything bad about BB thus far. We do have it and need to see it. But from what I have heard it sounds very good, if heavy in places.



Yeah, I can see where “heavy” would come into play when describing this movie. It’s got some heavier issues than other Disney movies I think. A lot of people on here didn’t like it too much, but we saw it in the theater and really loved it. It’s a very heartwarming movie. (We even named our cat after the movie! :rolleyes:) :smile:


I didn’t hate Brother Bear…I missed it in theatres, but I caught the movie on TV one day and while it wasn’t BAD it wasn’t GREAT either. The animation was keen, I thought, and the idea of the story was good. They probably could have just told the story a little better. :frowning:

I’m not going to bother with BB2, though. That’ll just feed Disney more money and satisfaction in knowing I’ve been sucked into their little sequel scheme which is hopefully dying off.

I will admit though. Bambi 2 DIDN’T look so bad, and I’m a huge skeptic on the sequels.

I think I like Brother Bear so much because…well…I am a bear. Surprised? :tongue: Well its true!