Brother Disney Embroidery Machine


Does any one have one of these and if you do, how do you like it?

I was thinking about getting one of these and embroidering us all T-shirts for our next trip.


I’ve never heard of this but I have heard of Brother sewing machines. They typically don’t have the best reputation as far as machines go, but I think lately they’ve improved their product.


It is the only Disney machine that I have seen but I hate to buy it if it isn’t any good. However, I would love to put Mickey on all of my vacation clothes.:laugh:


Where can you buy such a machine? Can you embroid anything, or just Disney?


check out this link…

Disboutiquers Part 6 Kids Disney Boutique / Customs Clothes psst…we sew - The DIS Discussion Forums -

i make DD custom clothes for our disney trips…the ladies on this site will be able to help you, this thread moves very quickly…lots & lots of members & posts daily.
i am a lurker on that site & thread…

also check out this site:

DISboutiquers - Login
i belong to this site & have posted some of the things i have made for DD & myself. :C)

not so many members and doesn’t move as quickly, but it’s really more streamlined to sewing and disney customs…not as much chatt as the other link i posted above. (both are good sources for ideas and info.)

you can check out some of the things i have made in the threads titled: chottsy’s creations, found in the girl custom clothing design forum, and chottsy’s adult creations, in the adult custom design forums.)

you could probably ask in the “technical questions” forum and get some reviews.

the site that i belong to is an off-shoot from the HUGE DIS site…

hope that helps!

have fun looking and getting ideas for fun things to make…it’s addicting! LOL


Thanks, I just posted in one of them. By the way, nice skirt!


I saw it on line at Walmart. It has some standard things in it and then some Disney things but you can buy more Disney to add on.


My DSis’s family and mine bought one for my DMom for Christmas a couple of years ago. You can get one at our local Walmart store in the fabric dept.



thought you might like a heads up…it looks like you are going to be getting some more feedback from that other site re: your questions on the sewing machine.

that site has been unusually “dead” lately. but it seems like it’s picking back up again & you might get some more feedback! :C)

good luck!


Thanks for the heads up. I will check in and see if I can get any feedback.