Brown derby or tusker hours


we have one more adr for our trip in april to make we want someplace different… we are thinking brown derby or tusker house? opinions please. i
we already have ohanas for dinner
san angel inn…


I love the Tusker House-I have never been to Brown Derby so I would pick the Tusker House.


We like the Brown Derby, but we havn’t been to tusker house yet! The brown derby is a 2 table service meal if on the dining plan and I’m not sure it’s worth the 2! It is nice, very nice but i think there are better 2 table service meals out there!


Never been to the Brown Derby! But Tusker House for lunch was very good! :happy:


reading the menu i wouldn’t do two credits for the brown derby.we are already doing narcooses for two… i thank that is worth two… i wlil call for tusker house.thanks


Love Brown Derby the cobb salad is to die for.


i love cobb salad but not for two dining plan credits…


The breakfast at Tusker House is to die for and soo much fun!!! The animals go around with maracas and music and the “special juice” (witch looks and tastes like V8 splash) is really good! if you want I have pics from last year. I have only been there for breakfast. I haven’t been to the Brown Derby either. Hope that helps/


I would love to see the pictures! I didn’t even know they did something special there for breakfast. Thanks for sharing!


I would love to see the photo as well please:blush:


It’s been a few years since we were at the Brown Derby. We weren’t terribly impressed - but I would give it another try. It’s definitely more of an “adult” restaurant than Tusker House - which I haven’t tried since it’s big change. The menu looks very good though!