Brown Derby


We have an ADR for Mama Melrose but the menu for Brown Derby is sounding good. :laugh: We are already having Italian at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant so having Italian will be redundant. I am thinking about changing our ADR but I can’t decide. What do you guys thing?:confused:


We have never tried the Brown Derby, I have heard mixed reviews, but I would like to try it for myself. Have you read any of the reviews?


Well, the Brown Derby is excellent, I really like it a lot more than Mama Melrose. Keep in mind that HBD is more expensive, and if you have the DP, it’s going to cost 2 sit downs.

If you do decide to spend the extra money, you won’t be disapointed. The atmosphere is excellent, and the food and service great. Try the Cobb Salad and the Creme Brulee for dessert.

Ok now I’m hungry. I’m going to get a bagel. Not exactly HBD worthy, but for the work cafeteria, it could be worse :laugh:


Yes and in my opinion they are as mixed as Mama Melrose. The cobb salad does sound good though!!


ingamba:Try the Cobb Salad and the Creme Brulee for dessert.

Those were the 2 things that sounded good to me. Yummy!


We have eaten at Brown Derby 3 times and always loved it. Never been to Mama’s. The filet was great. Booths were perfect because my DD actually laid down and napped while we ate. When we went in May, I was around 4 months pregnant and my blood sugar crashed. My sister talked to them and they sat us about 45-60 early, so that I could eat.


We always make sure to make time for the Brown Derby! The food and service is always great!! The Cobb Salad alone is worth the trip!! Hope you have a great time.


Ok so I have changed my ADR from Mama Melrose to Brown Derby. My BF just laughed. He thinks I am going to keep changing up until the last minute. I hope Brown Derby is good!!


Brown Derby is one of the few WDW restaurants I haven’t tried yet. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!


brown derby is great. the food is well prepared, and the atmosphere is like nothing else in the park…


I concur that the Brown Derby is good. In fact it is one of my favorite restaurants on property.


I ate at the Brown Derby once. I like the food and all, but think it’s definately more of an adult place…the romantic atsmosphere was lost on me nad my DD. It would be hard for me to change a ADR for momma’s…I love that place!


If you’re going with your BF, I think the Brown Derby is a great choice! Of course lots of families go there, but I think it’s probably a place that can be really enjoyed when you’re with your significant other. :heart: That’s why I’ve never eaten there…:rolleyes:…my best friend and I would be very unsuited for that atmosphere if we were together! LOL. But maybe someday with DH.


:laugh: You sound like me! Heaven forbid I keep DH too involved when I’m doing the planning…he just wants OUT because I always change my mind so much! He’s like, “I don’t care, I don’t care!” :laugh:


Other than the excellent company(was there with Dana and llama and families) I wasn’t impressed.


Brown Derby is fantastic… try the Brie soup, and a cocktail called a poinsettia! MMMM.

Also, for the first time ever, we tried Hollywood & Vine this year. Wow, I was so pleasantly surprised! The food was terrific! Go hungry and have fun!!! (P.S. It IS possible to eat your weight in buffet food!)


I love the Bronw Derby, even though I think it is a little overpriced… I prefer H&V and Mamma Melrose…


We have never been to either one, and I have heard good things about Mama’s, but I have heard amazing things about the Brown Derby. If I were you, I would switch, especially if you are having Tony’s earlier in the week. Either way, the food will be great!!