Brown Derby?


Hi Everyone,

Just made my ADR’s and could not get LeCellier (bummer) so for our last night I reserved Brown Derby with the Fantasmic package. We have never seen the Fantasmic show or been to the Brown Derby so I wanted some opinions on if it’s worth the 2 diiners it costs on the dining package. Other nights we will be dining at Calif. Grille, Coral Reef and the Castle.



If you are doing it for the fantasmic package, it is worth it. The BBQ pork belly appetizer is unreal.


You have great ADR’s! can’t help with Brown Derby but you will really enjoy Fantasmic!


Oops, I answered you in the other forum.


We had the package we loved it. Try the portabello ravioli for a appitizer it was great.


it is upscale food in a nice, but kid friendly atmosphere. That being said, the environment there is very nice. And the food is fantastic! You will love Fantasmic as well-it is almost our favorite show to end the night. Enjoy-and yes I think that it is worth it to experience it at least once!


We ate there a couple years back. I think it was only once and we did do the Fantasmic package. The only downside to that is, you don’t have the full menu to chose from, just a couple options from each appetizer, entree, and dessert. They are still good selections.
I might return in October.


you will like it ,but they started something new the last time we were there yif you show up for the first show on anight that there are 2 they let you sit earlier than in the past so the big advantage of the fantasmic package is sort of nil…but the brown derby is excellent and if you get the filet ask the waiter what they marinate it in you will be surprised also ask him or her about the signature salad and how it was created


I think you made a great choice.
We did BD with the Fantasmic package a few years back and found it well worth it.


check to see if that fantasmic package has changed…ito did it several years ago and someone told it has changed slightly