Brown Derby?


Tried to make reservations this morning (23 May) for Brown Derby, for 26 May. I was told no reservations between 1130am and 130pm. I’ve never had problems before getting a reservation. Is there something special next Tuesday going on at Disney or the Studios that I’m unaware of???


I don’t know of anything special that week or day Frank. Nothing pops out when I think of it. check allears and look for special events that day.


I called back and Disney CM’s were astounded too… guess it will force us to change our eating habits… which I guess isn’t bad. We have a tendency to do the same things over and over. I told my wife since we can’t get Brown Derby, we should do Epcot and “practice” for Food & Wine <g>.


Frank -
Food and Wine “practice” sounds perfect!


Practise makes perfect.:closedeye