Brumcg's Dining Reviews 3/19 - 3/27/2010


Whispering Canyon 3/19/2010

My wife (Sandy), daughters (Mags 18 & Mo 10), and I ate dinner at Whispering Canyon on 3/19/2010. We have eaten here many times previously. We should have been on Tables in Wonderland except that I forgot to pack the card. :pinch:


Sandy had the Grand Canyon Margarita; she wasn’t wild about it, and thought it was an average margarita at best.

I had a glass of Pinot Noir (unfortunately, I don’t remember what it was but it’s on the bill as Gls Parker St Pnr) which was excellent; that’s one good thing about Whispering Canyon that it shares many wine selections with Artist Point.

Mags, Mo, and I all got the skillet. I always say that I’m not going to do it, and I almost always do. I am an amateur bbq-er, so I’m pretty picky about my bbq. The brisket was rubbery, and I suspect wasn’t brought to the correct temperature. The ribs were very dry, and the membrane on the backside of the ribs was not removed (the norm at WDW).

The rest of the skillet was okay to good; I thought the chicken was the best thing, bt Mags thought it was too salty. The girls liked the mashed potatoes.

Sandy is doing the no meat on Friday during Lent deal, so she ordered the Whiskey Maple-Glazed Trout and raved about it.


Our server was Gino Casino. He was merely good. They were really busy, though, and he seemed constantly on the move. He disappeared after we were done eating; we would have preferred to have left sooner.


Of course, Whispering Canyon is a loud place to eat with lots of activity. Unfortunately my kids don’t like this sort of thing, though, so we are always spectators instead of participants.

I love how the restaurant opens up to the Wilderness Lodge lobby.

Overall Ratings (1-5 scale) and Conclusion
Me: 2
Sandy: 4
Mags: 3.5
Mo: 4

So you can see that my family likes Whispering Canyon more than I do. Since we stay at the Villas at Wilderness Lodge, I’m sure we’ll eat here again. I swear I won’t get the skillet, and this time I mean it. :blush:


Rose and Crown 3/20/2010

:nuke:Warning! Non-magical content ahead!:nuke:

My wife (Sandy), daughters (Mags 18 & Mo 10), and I ate dinner at Rose and Crown on 3/20/2010. We have eaten here several times previously, and IIRC we’ve eaten here on our last four trips. We were on Tables in Wonderland.


We had 7:55 ADRs and were hoping for an Illuminations table. We tried to check-in about 7:30, but the hostess told us to wait at least 15 more minutes. We went back at 7:45 and checked in around 7:50.

And we waited. And waited. I just assumed they were having issues clearing tables. At some point, I started to watch people going to the podium; unfortunately, we thought we saw some people who checked-in ahead of us being seated, so we waited some more.

Eventually, we went to the podium and said that we just wanted to be sure they hadn’t forgotten about us. Immediately, we knew something was wrong.

It seems that after we checked in, we were somehow lost/deleted. I was furious and told them how disappointing this was.

Somehow, they manufactured a table for us after 5 more minutes or so. It was definitely an hour or more since we had checked in. I feel dumb now, but I assumed since we had a beeper we were okay.


Sandy had, wow, three English Roses (Beefeater Gin, Apricot Brandy, Sweet Vermouth, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, and Cranberry Juice); she enjoyed them.

I had a glass of the sparkling celebration wine (Gls P Chaneau Spk on the bill); it was pretty good.

We placed our appetizer order before Illuminations started. Mo and I ordered Scotch Eggs; Sandy and Mags ordered the Potato and Leek soup. During Illuminations we were told that the kitchen was out of Scotch Eggs and it would take 10-15 minutes longer. I was (needlessly) worried about how late we would be getting out of the park, so I canceled the Scotch Eggs. Mags and Sandy loved their soup.

I have to be honest… I just noticed on our bill that we were not charged for the soups. The server did tell us something during the meal, but we couldn’t hear her over Illuminations.

For Entrees, I ordered Bangers and Mash which was actually quite good. Mo got Fish and Chips; I thought the portion size was a bit small for $15.99. Mags got Chicken Mushroom Pie and Sandy got Veggie Shepherd’s Pie; they weren’t so fond of theirs. I tasted both of them, and thought each was woefully underseasoned.

Worried about time, we skipped dessert.


Our server was… well, the bill says that it was Joanne (my wife and I each remember a different name). I’m not going to comment on her directly. The snafu at the check-in was the Host/Hostess staff, the appetizer snafu may have been the kitchen, the waitstaff, or a combination. We never saw a manager; I should have asked to see one, but I shouldn’t have even had to ask.

I wish I would have realized that the 2 soup appetizers were comped. It makes a small difference.


I was so disgusted by the events of the night that I was unable to enjoy Illuminations. Other than Illuminations, Rose & Crown doesn’t really have much atmosphere particularly if you eat outside. I’m definitely glad we were outside, though, as the bar area was very, um, rowdy.

Overall Ratings (1-5 scale) and Conclusion
Me: 1
Sandy: 1
Mags: 1
Mo: 1.5

So, even in retrospect knowing that they did comp $11 in soup, it was just a bad experience overall. We won’t be eating at Rose & Crown again for a very long time.


Sorry about your RnC experience. I was NOT fond of my one and only time there and probally won’t go back there again either. Can’t wait to read the rest.


We had the same waiting forever deal at Boma. We were told our beeper wasn’t registered.

Can’t wait to hear more.


Thanks for sharing. We’ve eaten at RnC twice and had good experiences both times, but it sounds like the service may have gone downhill.
Hope they improve again, as it has been a consistent favorite for our family.


It wasn’t the company was it?:crying:

Have to agree - was not impressed at all with RnC.


[QUOTE=llama;1026332]It wasn’t the company was it?:crying:

Have to agree - was not impressed at all with RnC.[/QUOTE]

The company was the ONLY highlight of that meal. The food was average at best and the service…well you remember that two-hour plus meal…they screwed up the Bday cake…what a disaster meal.


Fulton’s Crabhouse 3/21/2010

My wife (Sandy), daughters (Mags 18 & Mo 10), and I ate dinner at Fulton’s Crabhouse on 3/21/2010. This was our first time eating here; Sandy’s friend from work raved about Fulton’s, so she really wanted to try it. We were on Tables in Wonderland.


Sandy and I both had a Bloody Mary and a glass of Echelon Pinot Noir. Both were quite good, but I preferred the Pinot Noir from Whispering Canyon (of course I remember the name of this one :pinch:).

For appetizers, I had the Blue Crab Cake, Sandy had the Lobster Bisque, Mo had Clam Chowder, and Maggie had Conch Fritters. They were all good, but not great. For example, my Crab Cake had a great ratio of crab to non-crab, but it came to the table just slightly warm and cooled off quickly.

For entrees, I had Tuna, Sandy had the Blue Crab Cake entree, Mags had Cioppino, and Mo had Grilled Shrimp. I thought Mag’s Cioppino was clearly the best dish at the table. My Tuna was a very nice piece of fish, but I regretted my choice. I should’ve gone for crab, lobster, or even the Cioppino. We also shared a side of Asparagus; I liked it, although Sandy doesn’t like her veggies as crisp as they were served. Outside of Mags, everyone felt like the meals were good but not great.

For dessert, we had coffee (Illy brand, nice to get away from the WDW stuff), and I had a port (Warres Otima 10yr) that was excellent. Sandy had Key Lime Pie (so-so), Mags had Double Chocolate Cake (thumbs down from her because it had a fruit layer and was described as “… creamy fudge icing, served with white chocolate espresso sauce” - no fruit mentioned), and Mo had the Classic Tollhouse Cookie Sundae (so-so). On the other hand, I loved the Classic Tollhouse Cookie Sundae… if you’ve been keeping score, 10 year-old Mo was trying to keep up with us on food quantity, but often wasn’t able to go much further than the appetizer. :huh: More for me. :blush:


Our server was Jacob (wearing a nametag that said “Kevin”). He struck a great balance between “professional” and “friendly” and did an overall great job.


We had a great view of the lake and Saratoga Springs. The inside is “fancy” but not too fancy, and the room we were in had a great mural on the ceiling. We ate there early and felt completely comfortable in our park attire; I wouldn’t be surprised if this changed later at night.

Overall Ratings (1-5 scale) and Conclusion
Me: 3
Sandy: 3.5
Mags: 4
Mo: 3.5

So, due to the expense - it was our most expensive meal of the trip - this definitely goes down as a “done it, don’t need to do it again.” For our family, there are better meals out there at a much better price.


I have been wanting to try Fultons for awhile. I have had plans on two different trips to go there and always end up changing my mind. I am kinda glad I did from your review. I hate wasting money on an “average” meal. Me and DD are more “on the go” eaters and this sounds a bit fancy for us. Thank you for your review.


did R and C many years ago,and never went back…fultons ,though we liked ,well last year they had a hiddden promo ,40% off during lunch ,but besides that the service was great as was the food…it was a surprise …


brumcg- with all due rspect, has any restaurant ever pleased you and your fam? Seems you can nit pic the littlest things, ie the crab cooled off too quickly. WOW!


Our trip did start on the rough side, I will admit. I will be reviewing great experiences at LeCellier, Hoop, and Tokyo Dining.

We can agree to disagree on what nit picking is. I think it’s perfectly legit to note when a $14.95 crab cake appetizer isn’t served at the proper temperature… you may not.

It’s all just my opinion.



I appreciate your reviews… They seem fair and accurate for what is going on. I would love for every place in WDW to be FABULOUS all the time, but let’s face it they are human (except the characters) and there will not be perfection on all of the property at all times-unfortunately…

That being said…I think you give enough objective information for us to decide if your reviews are being emotionally charged (like I was hungry and we had to wait too long… or we had to wait an hour because they cancelled our reservation).

Thanks for the well thought out trip report, and the dining reviews… makes me want to go…


Artist Point 3/22/2010

My wife (Sandy), daughters (Mags 18 & Mo 10), and I ate dinner at Artist Point on 3/22/2010. We’ve eaten at Artist Point many times in the past, and I consider it my favorite restaurant anywhere. We were on Tables in Wonderland.


Sandy had a Lodge Fizz as a cocktail (thumbs up), and I had a North Flight Martini (Grey Goose + bleu cheese olive = excellent) and a glass of Novelty Hill Syrah which was very good. I know this sounds nit picky :smile:, but Mags had been looking forward to having hot tea at Artist Point since we last ate there but was disappointed that they no longer use the raw sugar cubes like they have in the past.

Appetizers were amazing all around. Sandy, Mags, and Mo all had the Smoky Portobello Soup, and I had the Braised Penn Cove Mussels. Simply delicious.

Mags and Mo ordered the best entree… the Marinated Grilled Berkshire Pork Chop; I’m not a big pork chop fan, but I did get to eat part of Mo’s and it was simply outstanding. Sandy ordered the Seared Day Boat Scallops; she enjoyed the scallops, but the whole wheat Soba noodles, baby bok choy and Hong Kong vinaigrette weren’t her thing. I had to agree about the noodles; the vinaigrette really overpowered the noodles. I had the Grilled Buffalo Strip Steak; it was good, but not great which was a disappointment at $45. I felt like there was too much going on with sides and sauces (goat cheese polenta, ancho-cherry compote, baby golden beets, asparagus and dark chocolate red wine reduction).

Dessert was strange… Sandy didn’t like the offerings and was sorry to see the Coffee Three Ways was not still on the menu; she just opted for coffee. The girls both made an “interesting choice” and both ordered the Goat Cheese Tart. Mo enjoyed hers (for a 10 year old, she has some adult tastes), but Mags didn’t… so I got most of hers and thought it was really good. I also had a Graham 10yr Tawny Port which was very nice.


Our server was Brenda. She was very nice and did a great job. Over the years, with one minor exception, we’ve always had great service here.


I love the Artist Point’s atmosphere. It’s comfortable and elegant at the same time. We have sat at the front of the restaurant the last several times; I’d prefer to be towards the high-ceiling back of the restaurant with views to the outside and might request that next time.

Overall Ratings (1-5 scale) and Conclusion
Me: 4
Sandy: 2.5
Mags: 4
Mo: 4.5

So, everyone but Sandy was very happy overall. She has decided that she might double up on appetizers in the future and skip entrees. If the Buffalo is the same next time, I’ll gladly switch to the Pork Chop if it’s still on the menu which would easily take my rating to a 5. I love Artist Point, and look forward to eating there again in 2011.


I appreciate the kind words! Thanks!


It’s a very nice restaurant and they make some fantabulous drinks there.
You have good and not so good opinions there. I had a mixed review of it for January 2009 but we really both loved our food there in November 2009.

The fact that Bruce’s crab cakes cooled off too quickly is kind of a strange complaint. In my opinion, food tastes better when it’s not hot. And who’s to say that he didn’t talk to someone and forgot to take a bite right after they were served? ok, reaching here but still :blush:


:blush: The great lukewarm crabcake controversy of 2010… :laugh:

Maybe I should be more clear… I guess I felt like it had been sitting around for awhile; I have no clue if they make them to order or not, or maybe it was the first thing up and sat while the rest of the stuff was being worked on. It was slightly above room temp by the time that it was served to me.

In retrospect, if I wasn’t happy I should’ve said something, but I don’t think I’ve ever returned food in my life (unless I received the wrong thing).

It’s a rarity - maybe even a first - that I would negatively note the temp of food; I certainly didn’t at any other point this trip. It just kinda stuck out to me.


Bruce … I want to complain about the Beer being to short!!! That was my complaint about the Yard 0’ Beer at the R&C. Of course that was 2 years ago and they no longer sell it. Hmmmm, what if I had something to do with that??? :laugh: I’m enjoying the reviews Bruce. Cold/Lukewarm CrabCakes and all… :laugh:


UGH! That was a DISASTER! Did we ever end up paying for that cake? And the homesick server - remember her?:laugh: I’ve never had a server crying while she’s taking orders…:huh:

Sorry Bruce, we just had a little “memory lane” moment there…on with the show.


Bruce, I always look forward to your restaurant reviews, I love all the details you give. Great job!