Bubba Gump Shrimp Co


Has anyone tried this place yet? DS is now asking to go there on his Birthday because he thinks it sounds so funny. I don’t want him to be disappointed on his big day of it’s nothing special.


We went to the one in Chicago, it was pretty neat. Of course, you have to like seafood, as thats mostly whats on the menu. But I know there had to be other stuff, since the boys ate something while we were there. hehe! The waiters ask you trivia questions, about you guessed it, Forrest Gump. Its definitely worth trying at least once!


Really? Oh good. Thanks LiMS! :wub:


I’ve been twice and I LOVE it there. It’s a lot of fun. The have license plates that say stop forest stop or run forrest run and if it’s on run they don’t stop at the table. Also all sorts of memorabilia from the movie. Oh yes yes and don’t forget to get your picture taken on the bench were you can put your feet in Forests’ feet. With the chocolates and everything.

It’s really very cute. My best suggestion is to go when it’s kind of busy so you get the full experience of the license plates. If it’s slow they will stop anyway and it’s not as fun.

You’ll have a blast. I have a few pictures to post if you’re interested.

Can you tell I really like it there?:blush:


Has he seen Forest Gump? We showed our kids the movie before our last trip, since the restaurant was supposed to be opening the week we went - they weren’t even close to opening though. My kids loved the movie! You have to have him watch it before you go.

BTW - when are you going? I’m so jealous! Take a few spins on Spiderman for me!


I went to one in New Orleans and it was great. They have signs at the tables to let the staff know you want them. I won’t say to not spoil the surprise


We went in San Francisco- its cute- there are all sorts of movie memorabilia all over the walls and they ask you trivia questions. they also have a paddle system for when you need your server which was fun. As for spectacular… its a food chain and can be sort of Rainforest cafe by that but its fun to do at least once.


We go to the one in New York City, which is always mobbed. It is fun, and the food is usually good. We can stay home though and get better seafood, but the atmasphere brings it all together.


Our travelin’ group of 16 went to the one in Charleston, SC last spring break and it was alot of fun. Everyone had a great time and the food was really good too. I do recommend that everyone see the movie before you go so all can join in the trivia and fun. They have a gift shop too with really cute Tshirts.


We’ve gone to the one in NYC a few times. Last time we brought the kids and they loved it. They have the best smoothies and the atmosphere is nice. Here is the link to their web site so you can revue the menu before you go:

bubba gump



We were in Waikiki last week. They have a Bubbagump and it looked like a lot of fun. I saw a lot of people with T shirts around Honalulu. Pretty popular. Hope we get one in Seattle.


I’ve always wanted to go to one. Thanks for all the reviews everyone.


I’ve been to the one in New York City, and then we decided to try it out at CityWalk. It’s a lot of fun… good shrimp. I aced the trivia quiz (only because I had my kids’ menu as a cheat sheet…), woot, woot!


I’ve never been but from what I am reading here… it seems like a cool place!


Oh, you guys have me excited to go now! Yay!

Yes, we have all seen the movie many times. I may have him watch it again just before we go so he can remember everything.


The questions about Forest were real easy,
he and I were in the same army division, the
9th! Food was pretty good and it is a fun place.
Will be there for lunch again in April!:happy:
Hats off for Forest and Bubba!!!:laugh:


Where is the resturant located?
WDW or Universal Walk?


I’ve been to the Bubba Gump in Charleston and MAN it’s good!!! I lived at the beach most of my life so I have had good shrimp before…and this place ranks high at the top. Not the top though…that lies with a little place called the Fish Camp in Lancaster, SC…anyway…rant over…it’s a little pricey and you must love seafood…but yes, give it a try!


Its just inside universal, down on your left


I ate in BG once, but I can’t remember where, I did enjoy it…
it could have been…

Charleston or was it Maryland or was it New Orleans… I do remember it was on one of my business trips.