Budget friendly recommendations


Trying to sell DH on July birthday trip for DS. Any recommendations for family friendly BUDGET minded hotels. I would like to avoid a long walk to get into the parks if possible. We probably won’t spend much time there anyway. Just sleeping at night, naps probably won’t even happen.


I stayed at the Del Sol Inn with my father last week for just one night. It is nestled behind the Denny’s that is right across the street from the walk in gate area on Harbor.

The rate was like $50 something per night and then the taxes were another $10-$15… So it was pretty cheap… The people working there were more friendly than any other non-resort hotels I have ever used in the past, so that was nice. The room was clean, but fairly unremarkable. Parking is a little tight too. It seems like it may be pretty decent place when one is trying to be very budget conscious, which my father directed me to be on our little trip last week (I was aiming for a resort hotel).

Another place I stayed that was fairly decent price-wise and directly across Harbor from the entrance was Park Place Inn. I have stayed there twice, but it has been a while. The rooms were clean and nice. The walk wasn’t too long and the staff were pretty nice.

The other non-resort hotel I stayed at was the Tropicana Inn and Suites, which I do not recommend. It wasn’t very clean and the staff was not up to par. It was a bad hotel experience, but thank goodness we were there for DL the most!


Oh yeah…

Here is a LINK to a Disneyland map website that can give you a rough idea of where the hotels are and it even has links to some of them too… I hope it helps a bit! :wink:


We have stayed at the Park Place Inn also, it was nice but my room smelled like smoke even though it was a non smoking room, no biggie. We have also stayed at the Fairfield Inn by Marriott right across the street, it was nice also but no microwave. I almost always book through www.getawaytoday.com , they usually have get a night free type deals.


One place that I constantly hear good things about is the Candy Cane Inn. I have never been there, because they have been booked every time! :pinch: :laugh:

Do you visit DL often??? An Annual Passport is spendy but could save you in the long run, so I encourage you to explore that option if you are able. That can sometimes bring Resort hotels into the budget range of more visitors…

GOOD LUCK!!! :clubs:


I love the Candy Cane Inn . The have very clean rooms, cozy beds and a conti breakfast (cereal, bagels w/ cream cheese, fruit, muffins, juice, cofee, etc) served next to the pretty pool. (they have a hottub and a kiddie pool, too). Walking distance to the park or take their own shuttle.

My former in-laws just returned from the Alpine Inn around the corner from the Cansy Cane. This is their favorite place to stay. It’s clean, inexpensive (they paid about $60).

Mousesavers.com offers a special rate for the Anaheim HoJo (my friends favorite place to stay) and the Hilton.


Thanks for the help! This is our first trip to DL. We’ve been to WDW 3 times, so more experienced there. Will only stay on property for WDW, but there don’t seem to be as many perks for the money at DL. It’s hard when you’ve never been somewhere before to make some of these decisions! I appreciate everyone’s input!


I guess I’m getting my answer on how busy it will be! Everything is booked for at least one of my nights! Still looking though. If it’s meant to be, it will all work out! Pass some pixie dust my way just in case!


Look out! Pixie dust coming through! :tongue: :wink:




I strongly recommend www.skyauction.com. You can bid on your accomodations and the rooms are normally at a timeshare so you would have a suite with a kitchen, washer and dryer, several rooms etc. I bidded on a trip to the Dominican Republic and won, everything went perfectly. PM me if you have any questions.


Hi all, We are planning our first “long distance” vacation with the whole family, we have 5 children. This will be thier first time at DL. They cant believe we are finally going. My question is this… I have been there only once myself, and I remembered some sort of pass that you could pay extra for that allowed you to not have to wait in the extremely long lines. Does this make sense to anyone? Does DL still have this sort of thing? Like you had to punch in, and return at a cirtain time? I hope I am not recalling some other place. So If they do have this, does anyone know where the best place to purchase tickets, or a package, for 2 adult, a 13 yr old, 14 yr old 10 yr old and 6 yr old. So 6 tickets total, Also I heard a rumor that kids are free right now at DL… Is this true? Thanks for any responses … I just became a member here. Lots of great info I must say. I love this place. Have a happy time all of you, and I hope all of your trips go smoothly and you have the time of your lives, ( like we plan to).


Forgot to mention, that the 5th child is only 11mo. So I am pretty sure He is free…(oops)!


ok well first off WELCOME!!! this is a wonderful place for tips and questions like this.

well as far as the passes they do have them but you do not have to pay for them. They are called fastpasses and they only have them on certain rides.All you have to do is go to a ride that has a fastpass machine insert your park hopper into the slot and it gives you a ticket that sort of looks like the park hopper. On this card there is a hour block of time. This is the time that you can go back to the ride and go into the fastpass line. This line is 10 mins tops you never have to wait long in it.

I just checked disneyland.com for you and… they DID have an offer like this but in it it says that the reservation needs to be made by april 4th so i don’t know it they will do it. But you could call just to see. here is the link…http://disneyland.disney.go.com/disneyland/en_US/reserve/specialOffers/detail?name=KidsFlyandPlayFreePage and as far as i know your 11mo old should get in free but someone else might be able to help with that


Under two is still free as far as I am aware.

HOWEVER, everyone 10 or older pays ADULT prices.

Welcome to Disneyland…


Oh i forgot to add that there is an offer that Everyone pays kids prices i don’t know how long this will last but it is going now


Both the Kids Play Free and Everyone Plays for Kids price promos end at the end of April. They have to be booked by 4/24 and travel by 4/27.

I think it’s free until 3 years old. I’m pretty sure that’s what I read, DS will turn 3 this July, so we’re trying to go before then.

Kink in my plans…my in-laws have decided (without asking if we have anything else planned by the way) that they will come visit for DS birthday! Nice to know these things in advance! At least I hadn’t bought tickets for anything yet!

Good luck with your planning! Welcome to DC! You’ll get LOTS of info here!


oh well i didn’t read the fine print!!! sorry bout that


Thanks So Much for all of your responses… I have spend days online, trying to get vaca figured out… What about Hotel deals? is there like somewhere where you can get coupons or discounts from? Has anyone heard of this new deal " Family of 4 for 1500.00" maybe I can just add 2 kids to that? or is there any way of getting a group discount? friends may be joining us as well? Thanks again all. This site is very helpful.


Oh, and sense you are all so helpful,… Does anyone know if it is worthwhile, or has anyone ever bought any type of tickets or packages from ebay? Was it a scam, Do you think it was worth it? like has this way of purchase worked for anyone? and If so, is it possible to divulge from whom you purchased on ebay? Thanks again to all of you. I am still soooo happy with this site… And here is a small money saving tip that I can offer… Some people purchase autograph books, and I know this is no secret, but you can easily make your own. We are having my 13 year old " artistic" daughter draw the characters on pages, and then the 14 year old will decorate with scrapbooking supplies, and we will photo copy it, so that each child has one. Just a fun Idea, for anyone who may be interested,… plus it keeps the kids busy, while they are so eagerly awaiting thier first trip to DL. YAAAAA! We just cant wait… I think I will be the one who cant sleep ( like the commercial), because I will be so excited to be able to see them enjoy this fun trip.
" Smile,… Its contageous!"


I have heard about people buying tickets through Ebay and some have worked out fine but I wouldn’t risk it. There would be nothing worse than to get to WDW and find out you have been scammed.