Budget Souvenir Ideas


I need some ideas on some budget souvenirs. I have to bring home quite a few (for children and adults) souvenirs. Any ideas on some great things? I need lots of bang for very little buck.


We always head to World of Disney, the giant Disney store in Downtown Disney. They have a great selection of pens. Many shaped like Disney characters, or rides or something fun. Everyone that I have given a pen to has found it useful and fun. Can’t beat that!

One other option, for parents or grand parents, is to buy a group picture on one of the rides that takes your picture. I find that the Splash Mountain pictures turn out the best, and they make great gifts.

Good luck, finding a bunch of cheap items in WDW is pretty tough!


Disney Pins are great souvenirs! I collect them. There are many different kinds. Some are limited. There are characters and parks. Almost anything that has to do with disney!

And about all of them are under $10!



if you have a rental car you could go to the outlet malls on International Drive - there are true Disney outlet stores there. You can’t beat the prices but your selection won’t be anything like what is available at Downtown Disney.

Ask at your hotel front desk and/or look out for the free visitor’s guides in the local gas stations, hotels, and convenience stores.

Have a great time!


I agree with cinderellafifi: the best thing that you can do is drive to the Belz Factory Outlet. It is about 10 miles from WDW, but it is very easy to find. There are three stores in particular that I recommend to you. The “Character Warehouse” is a Disney outlet store. The merchandise is all “Official” and it is sold at discounted prices. For instance, the same picture frame available at one of the shops in the Contemporary for $18.00 was sold in the outlet store for $6.99. And, they have dozens of small items available such as pens, beanies, magnets, toys, etc. The only “bad” thing that I can think to mention is the fact that on my last visit I noticed that the bargains weren’t as deep as they had been on any of my previous visits. However, I think that it may have been the timing, too. (Aug 2001)
Also, in the Belz Outlet you’ll find the Character Premiere and the Universal Studios Outlet. Both of those stores were loaded with bargains. Character Premiere had a lot of the same items as the Character Warehouse, but they were slightly cheaper!
Honestly, finding these retail spots was a dream come true. I, too, needed to purchase many things for friends and family and I know I was able to really stretch my dollars and saved a bundle. The best thing was that all of the merchandise could have been purchased right at one of the parks, so none of the recipients knew that it hadn’t been. And, I didn’t go into debt buying all the souvenirs.


What about the World Showcase, do many of the countries have small inexpensive souvenirs to buy? I was thinking of getting some things for my daughters Girl Scout Troop. We’ll probably stick with the pens and pencils for the school children though. :slight_smile:


The World Showcase does offer small, inexpensive souviners such as pens, pencils, key chains, stickers. They are perfect for the kids and make great learning tools. Have fun!


What about the World Showcase, do many of the countries have small inexpensive souvenirs to buy?

Keep your eyes peeled, some of the countries offer great deals on things from their native countires for good deals. We bought some wool hats in Morocco for our girls, they were like $5 each, and they wore them the entire trip. There are many small, reletively inexpensive things in each country. It is kind of fun to give someone a Moroccan gift rather than a Disney T-shirt.