Budget tips for staying offsite in a timeshare?


Okay, I’m just FULL of questions!!

So we’re staying for a few days in a timeshare, and I’ve been reading your tips. A lot of them, however, apply to staying in a hotel/onsite.

So I’m curious…

we’re going to bring water/snacks into the park, split meals, bring those dollar store personal fans (since it’ll be the end of May), and ponchos, and we’re lucky enough to have a full kitchen (not to mention we’ll bring the George Foreman Grill and our Mickey waffle maker!), so we’ll eat a big breakfast and have ready made stuff to throw in the oven when we get home that night.

We’re staying at the Hilton timeshares right across from SeaWorld. If anyone knows that area at all, (6924 Grand Vacations Way ) could you recommend a local grocery store where the prices aren’t jacked up, so we can load up?

I know that alone will save us a lot of $$$, but can never have too many budget tips! So if there are any others you know of that I haven’t mentioned that we could use, I would so be SO grateful! :mickey:


If there is a sams club or costco in the area, thier prices seem to be the same where ever they are. plus thier bottled watter and bottled soda are way way cheaper than anywhere else, also thier snacks and baggies are cheaper.


oh,and if you dont have a card they will usually give you a one day pass.


There is a costco on the Orange Blossom Trail. We have been there a few times. I think that there is Sams club near as well. Of course there is Walmart, (Well we like it as we don’t have them here in the UK , but we only go for non-food items). Some of the other people know where all the other grocery (sp?) stores are.


We stayed for one week at the Marriott Grande Vista in that same area. We always go to Publix - it wasn’t more than 10 minutes away.


We went to the Super Walmart. I don’t think it is to far from you. We saved a lot by eating as many meals as possible at home. We also did a lot of our souvenir shopping at the outlets and the little cheap stores and of course Walmart.


SuperWalmart! Good idea. I also didn’t think about Costco, as I figured we wouldn’t need to buy in bulk, really.

We stayed in a timeshare 3 years ago, and the Publix we went to was EXPENSIVE. I mean they had a fountain, carpeting, everything. I mean we paid $5.00 for Oreos! I just wanted to be sure we avoid that this time :slight_smile:


you would be surprised haw many bottles of water and soda you go through, also they have the ready made dinners and that kind of thing at costco.


Are you driving or flying


We’re driving as we live about 3 hours away.