Buena Vista Suites Opinion


How is the Buena Vista Suites if you are traveling with a family with a couple small ones?


I have not personally stayed at this resort but the reviews on TravelAdvisor seem to be really good. When reading the reviews you have to balance what is important to you and if people are complaining about trivial things. But overall the resort looks great.


—their website shows the room layouts—there are a couple categories for Suites, so I’m not sure which type you are interested in. Go take a look at the pictures and the room layouts—they look nice.


My sister’s family and my family have stayed there before and loved it. Great breakfast (included), great accommodations too. We only stayed one night (our lead night of the trip) so we didn’t get the full experience, but I’d stay again in a heartbeat. Watch for deals on Mousesavers, they can be pretty good!


We stayed there last year and thought it was pretty good. The pool is just so-so but the kids didn’t mind. The breakfast is free and actually pretty good as well.


We stayed there last year with the family and it was in a great location and would consider staying there again in August on our next trip to Orlando.