Buffet etiquette?


I was just reading reviews on allears and the thought on how to handle buffets came to mind. What is the proper way to go thru buffets at disney? Last trip, I was all set to jump over someone and a kid wanted to do the same thing and his dad told him to wait. Of course then I stood there dieing “thinking I just wanted some green beans”. Some of the buffets are very tight like cape may, others like boma goes on forever, so I’m guessing different rules reign. So what do you do at buffets?


I prefer pushing or even tripping someone :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Is that you Boss???

I think pushing is fine, but tripping can be messy. I DO have standards…low standards but at least it’s a start.:laugh::laugh:

I remember standing in line at Boma, everyone was waiting to get ribs or some meat and I just wanted to bypass all those people and head for the normal food. I’m all for waiting your turn, but what if the person in front of you is at point A, and there is no one at point B C D or F, can you just jump over to get something at point G???


I wait, I never jump in front of someone to get to a different station 'cause then you ruin the whole flow. If someone in front of me is getting a bowl of soup and I want to cut straight to the sides I’ll just stay behind them and wait until they move along (like at Hollywood & Vine). Although, if there weren’t a ton of people around & it was a big-open buffet area (like Boma) I’d just politely say “excuse me” & move past.


How do you move around Cape May? It seems so awkward with the square.

I think the easiest one I’ve been to is Crystal Palace. It just seems to have a better layout. I haven’t been to chef mickey is years, so I have no idea how that one works.


I think it depends on the place… most of the Disney buffets are large and spread out. If you want zebra domes or a salad at Boma, why wait on the carving station line? And at Chef Mickey’s, it wouldn’t make any sense to have a single line either.

I’m sure there’s a buffet I’m forgetting where the food items are more tightly located…


I wait. How long can it take for someone to fill their plate. Gives me more time to ogle the food and make up my mind what it is I will eat. I think it isn’t very polite to jump, but I’ve been known to be wrong :biggrin:


I like how Disney’s buffets are set up. Most are the walk-up kind, with small bars that you can hop over to, instead of having to wait in line (unlike most Vegas buffets). It’s very similar to buffets on cruise ships.

So, since they are set up that way, I grab a plate, get what I want, and go. If there’s plates on both sides of the bar, then there isn’t really a line to follow.

But, you’ve also got to watch the crowds. If it’s really crowded and people seem to be going in a line, then I wouldn’t go against the flow and try to break in. But if there’s one person in front of you and a huge gap, then I’d say it’s fine to skip the person.


For me it depends on how many people are in line. If there are a few people in line I will wait and follow the flow. If there is just one or two in front of me and I am only getting one item I will go around because I am in and out before they realize it. When people do it to me it doesn’t bother me at all as long as they don’t go around then stand there like… hmmmmmm what do I have a taste for???


i agree - jungle rules apply…every man (woman) for themselves.

and yes, elbows are allowed…lol


Naw, I’ll leave this one alone.:laugh:


That reminds me of when standing in line for ten min to order food and the person in front of you say…Ummmm I’llllllll have the chicken nuggets and Bill, do you want the hamburger or fish and what about a drink, they have milk, soda, water, coffee…Meanwhile I’m ready to pull my teeth out.

Just to clarify, I’m not talking jumping in and out of line, like weaving in traffic. I am talking about big gaps in the line. I’m usually ready to jump in and out after my first plate of food. I already know what I want to get and just want to get more of a few things.



It just a little sumpin’ I do… :closedeye


Its game on at tjhe buffet line. I’m a total line jumper. But then again my luck always is I get to what I want and someone jumps ME! Ugh that pisses me off even though I probably just did it to someone else


I like the way Disney does their buffets. It’s easy to get up there and get what you want without getting in anyone’s way. If there’s a line, I’ll wait, but most of the time there are huge gaps, so I can jump in and get what I want and be done before anyone even notices me.


I just want to know if I can use my refillable resort mug… :wink::wink:

Seriously, though - we try to follow the line, but there are times we bypass the line. Boma is the prime example - there are so many “stations” that form their own lines.


[QUOTE=Elmo;1003282]I just want to know if I can use my refillable resort mug… :wink::wink:

Seriously, though - we try to follow the line, but there are times we bypass the line. Boma is the prime example - there are so many “stations” that form their own lines.[/QUOTE]

in addition to bringing my resort mug to the buffet, i also enjoy filling plastic bags with food for later in the day…(i am kidding of course, but i see where this post is going…lol)


I don’t wait in line at a buffet, whether I’m at Disney or not. I jump around the buffet. I’m not going to wait in line at the soup station if I don’t want soup simply because that’s where the end of the line is. I hop in grab what I want and hop right back out again. If you don’t like it, tough, deal with it.



It just a little sumpin’ I do… :closedeye[/QUOTE]

Ah yes, the subtle approach.



I have taken an apple out, before… :blush::ph34r:

And one time at Donald’s Breakfastosaurus, the waitress gave us to-go cups with soft drinks (she offered)!!!