Buffets with a light/picky eater


Hi all,

I am going to WDW with my mom, aunt and aunt’s 2 kids in August. We are arriving on Saturday 8/23 and are on our own that night for dinner before our free dining package kicks in the next day. We are staying at AKL and thought it might be a good idea to try Boma for dinner that night.

The only issue is that my younger cousin is an extremely light and picky eater. He is 11 but will probably eat exclusively off the children’s menus while we are there. It is not such a big deal once our free dining kicks in but my mom thinks it is crazy to pay $26 for him to eat dinner at Boma if he won’t really eat any of what they offer aside from the kid’s offerings.

I’m sure some of my fellow MBers have picky/light eaters that qualify as adults pricewise but mostly eat kids menu items so I was wondering if any of you just bite the bullet and pay the price and try not to think about it or if you skip the buffet situations when it doesn’t seem worth it?



There is plenty for him to pick at while dining at Boma. $26 on a dinner isn’t that big of a deal considering the rest of your meals from that point on are free. IT’s vacation…live a little.


We have encountered this situation numerous times with my mother. She has a very unusual diet due to the fact that she has nursed ulcers and other stomach problems in the past. CMs have been very nice during breakfast buffets because all she’ll have is coffee and that’s all they charge her for. As for dinner, the only time we’ve encountered this situation is at 1900 Park Fare. All she wanted was a salad and cup of soup off of the buffet and the CM was nice enough to just charge her the child’s price. It doesn’t hurt to ask.:blush:


I have a very picky 10 yr. old eater. We only ate at one buffet our last trip. We do this for the exact reason that we have to pay adult prices, and she does not eat much of what is offered. She does however eat from the child’s menu at other places.


I’ve heard rave reviews for Boma from the “picky eater” standpoint - that’s why I’m convinced it would be okay to take DH there on our next trip!

I would just go for it. As Dana said, the rest of your meals from that point on are free so the cost is minimal in comparison. I think it’ll be nice to be able to have a meal at your resort when you arrive, and not have to worry about traveling anywhere else.


Well I have ate at Boma several times and the food is great. One part of the bar has mac and cheese (which is great), chicken tenders and french fries. There are some others but I can’t remember anything else. But what kid doesn’t like mac and cheese.


LOL My ds doesn’t eat mac and cheese. My ds is so picky. It is terrible.


My 9 yo DS!!:laugh: He is really picky and won’t eat potatoes of any kind, mac and cheese, pizza, pretty much all the kids staples! It seems he avoids carbs when you really look at it!

I would pay the price just because the rest of the dining will be free.


Buffets are never a good deal for light eaters.

I was afraid that my boys and DH would not like the fare at Boma, because it is and sounds a little exotic and they are of the “boring food people”.
Low and behold, everyone found wonderful things to enjoy. So for us it was well worth the price.
Bite the bullet and go for it.


Yes, I must go with Boma too- my DH and DD are picky eaters and food anywhere is always a problem for us. However, Boma offered many food items that they enjoyed and it certainly is a favourite of ours.