Are the creepie crawlies gonna get me in my room if I have a ground floor room at POFQ? :pinch:

I don’t recall anyone having an issue with bugs in a Disney resort room, but it just might be one of those unsaid things. I have to call Disney today for something and am just wondering if I need to request a particular floor?

Thanks! :mickey:


The reason you never hear about it, it cause the creepy crawlies wouldn’t let the guests out again.:eek:

Really, about 20 yrs ago we were at “the golf resort”(shades of green now) on the ground floor and we had an ant attack for the diaper bag which was on the floor and had lots of cookie crumbs in it. Since then and about 10 trips later, we never had a problem in any resort and most trips we were on the first floor.


We were just commenting about our last trip, that we didn’t encounter any bugs, mosquitos, flys, etc. and wondered how Disney gets rid of them. Must have something to do with Pixie Dust!


I’ve stayed POR a few times…both on top floor and bottom. Have never had a bug issue. Although…there was a frog(a little baby one) in my parents room one time. We were on the second floor too!


We’ve NEVER had any bug problems in any WDW resort room, ALTHOUGH, I usually get a lot of mosquitos attacking me at night, I try to bring the little bottle of bug spray in my purse.


We’ve had one bug in all our WDW trips–a huge roach like bugs in our room at CBR.



I’ve stayed at POR on the 2nd floor, and there weren’t any bugs at all. I didn’t spot one mosquito on the trip (thank goodness :ph34r:).


We stayed in the POFQ last year. Ground floor room across from the river. Glad to say no bugs.


EEEEKKKKK!!! :eek: :happy: LOL!

Thanks for the info everyone :flowers:


We gave never had a problem with bugs at any of the resorts that we have stayed at. Disney does a wonderful job of spraying to keep the bug population under control.


We have stayed at POR several times, and no bugs at all… but a duck did get pretty interested in DD’s cookie. Does that count?


We’ve only encountered those yucky “love bugs” outside the resort areas (busstop, pool, typhoon lagoon) and that was about 3 years ago. I always bring a can of raid and spray the room right when we check in (bathroom, balcony/patio door, bed, trash) JUST to be safe-I’m an EXTREME bug-phobe. We haven’t had anything in the room, but I always want to be sure. Also, we wear bug spray and sunscreen every morning, so during the day at the parks, it’s not usually too bad.


we stayed at the poly a few times on the first floor, and i do not recall ever having a bug problem…


Those would be Palmetto Bugs. Named after the Miami expressway in recognition that the bugs are the size of Volkwagen Beetles.


aren’t they florida’s version of the NYC cockaroach…


We only had a bug issue in our room once in 20 trips and that was back in the 90’s when we stayed on the second floor of POR Magnolia Bend. They were having a big-time ant infestation all over the resort (inside and out) that year. We had 2 rooms and those tiny little red ants were all over (drawers, beside tables - anywhere and everywhere). We found out during that trip after they had to take our table out of the room because it was entirely covered with ants one fine morning that WDW DOES NOT SPRAY AT ALL. They apply heat treatments (which they did twice for us during our stay) but absolutely no chemical sprays are used. We didn’t bother switching rooms because the problem was widespread, but it is amazing to me that on no other trip before or since have we seen even one bug in any WDW room. Apparently the mosquitos are under control thanks to the love bugs (at least they’re good for something!) and they use other natural ways of keeping the pests at bay. That is good because I am the biggest bug-o-phobe on earth and I couldn’t live through another trip like the ‘ant trip’ as we refer to it now. All of this long-winded story is actually to reassure you that the first floor will be fine because other than ‘the ant trip’ which was second-floor, we always stay on the first floor and have never had a problem. Have fun!


You mean the Florida State Bird? :laugh:


:laugh: :laugh:

I don’t remember any bugs ever at Disney. Either they have been erased from my mind, or we truly never encountered any.


If for some strange reason, you did encounter bugs, you would be moved immediately if you called the front desk! I cant imagine it being a problem however! Hope to meet you on your vacation!


How about lizards? I REALLY hate lizards…ughh