Build your own lightsaber?


Anyone done it? How much is it? Thanks in advance!


My son did this…he loved it! I can’t remember the price.


My boys did it, they both thought they were Jedi knights afterwards. I believe the price was around $35-$40 for the double ended lightsaber.


Our DS6 did it last year. He built the double ended one for $25 but then realized that would take all of his shopping money, so he changed his mind and dismantled it. But we got a picture of him holding it!

I don’t know about the single side sword, but the double ended sword didn’t have any latching mechanism for the sword ends, so they just flew out all the time. The light sabers he has at home which are very similar have a locking feature so you can lock in the saber and then push a button to extend it. And it costs half the price!!