Bummed about Big Thunder Mountain


We are SOOOOOO disappointed that Big Thunder Mountain is going down for refurb from 10/1-10/24. My DH and I can’t believe it’s going down that month considering the month is filled w/MNSSHP’s. I’m crying…


Sorry to hear about that, major disapointment.

Think of it this way though, now you have to go back sooner since you did not get your Big Thunder Mountain fix.


Awww - that stinks! :crying: I remember back in 1999 when Splash was down the week we were there. I was so sad - obviously I never forgot it.:redface:


We get in on the Sept. 27 so we’re going to get all of our rides in before Oct. 1.


It seems pretty standard to take Big Thunder out for refurb every other October and the last time was 2005.


The one time I stayed at Yacht and Beach Club they had to close the main pool for an emergency repair! I was so mad about that!!! I feel your pain. But, if it’s any consolation I was on Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain last week!


Wow, what a bummer… but you will just have to go on Splash twice as often to make up for it!!!
And requiem… to pay all that money for BC and not get the pool??? I would have been so sad!


Well, Yacht and Beach each have thier own quiet pools as well as Stormalong Bay. they’re not the same, but they are much bigger than the pool in my back yard.


With all thats going on in other parks, ride saftey is a plus. Refurbs are just another way to keep the general public safe…


You know, I have never been to WDW during a major ride refurb. They always seem to be going on when I’m not there…


Good for you. I went to DL once and was so looking forward to seeing Mr. Lincoln again and the theater was closed for a major refurb. I was so disappointed. I never got to see him again :crying:


I still remember how sad we were that Winnie the Pooh was down for a rehab when we were there in 2000. Its hard to get over a disappointment like that. BUT the good thing was, we had a reason to go back. :slight_smile:


I feel your pain!:angry: Haunted Mansion is going to be closed for refurbishment during our upcoming trip and that is my favorite ride.


Sorry to hear about this disappointment :frowning: I hate it when I am excited about something like this and then it doesn’t work out to be open when I want it to be.


That’s a bummer :pinch: I loove BTMRR. I feel your pain though, HM is going to be closed when I’m there. Oh well, there’s always SM :wub:


There’s always something down for refurb, that’s the way it works. :sad:
Just another reason to go back.


First time I went to Disneyland, Matterhorn was in deep refurb. Second time i went, the new Space Mountain was a month away from opening and they weren’t doing a soft opening while I was there. At least I saw Abe and CoP in New York when they were new.


How about my first trip where they’d just closed World of Motion and Test Track was years away. How about all the years waiting for Mission Space and Expedition Everest? Three years under construction?


Wow, we are old :tongue:


That sucks I hate when we go and one of the big rides is being refurbed.