Bummed about Christmas 06 plans


I booked our second Christmas trip to WDW for this year because we had a great time last year(our first visit ever). I’ve been checking flights. Last year it cost us around $1300. for the 5 of us. This year it is almost $3000. If they don’t go down before November I’ll have to cancel our trip. I am so sad. Any words of encourgement would be greatly appreciated.


The only words of encouragment I can give you is to keep checking those rates. Airlines release new rates all the time. I’m willing to bet that as the time draws nearer, you’ll find lower prices.

I for one always hate that part of planning a Disney trip. You have to spend all that money just to get to the Magic. I envy those who live within driving distance.

Good luck!


Hi Lynn, and welcome! I am actually kinda in the same boat as you. I have a quick 3 night stay scheduled in early November at Saratoga Springs. When I started looking at the flights a couple weeks ago I nearly fainted. I have NEVER paid more than $260 for each ticket and everytime I’ve been looking the tickets are at LEAST $490 per person!!! I also have to buy airline tickets to see family for Thanksgiving, which are listing at $500 plus, so if the price doesn’t break I HAVE TO cancel one… obviously it would be the Disney trip:crying:

Where are you flying from?


We are flying out of Atlantic City, I’ll cross my fingers for you too, I hope everything works out.


Hey Lynn, nothing out of Airtran flying out of Atlantic City?


I just punched in some numbers and I don’t know where your coming
from but out of Newark NJ with the dates Dec 18-25 it comes out to
$257.00 roundtrip per person with one stop. Is it worth the drive?


Delta out of Atlantic City Dec 18-26 $268.00 per person one stop


My suggestion is to check out airfares for the day before/after you want to leave and maybe change your dates of your trip if the fare is right. It would be better than cancelling your trip completely.
Lisa :mickey:


What about flying out of Philly and sign up for Air Trans new letter then send me emails about discount flights to Orlando.


We are also traveling to WDW from 12/23 through 1/6/07. We are actually driving from RI to Florida. We have driven each of our trips to Florida (five in total). My husband and I are not great fans of flying and driving is less expensive than flying even with the gas prices as they are right now. My kids (DS 10 and DD 8) love the drive. It takes us about 1 1/2 days. The other option you might want to look into is the Auto Train. About two years ago it was going to cost us about $1,800 for the four of us and our vehicle to take the train, that includes a sleeper car. You could also try to price it without the sleeper. It runs from Lorton, VA to Sanford, FL. Good luck with your search!