Bummed. Art of Animation is booked


So, finally decided on our vacation dates and called to book hotel. We had decided on Mermaid section of Art of Animation. Called two days ago, there were rooms (we were still deciding between suite or room), called day to book. . you guessed it booked. Is it possible that they only released a certain number of rooms at a time and I should keep trying?


It doesn’t hurt to try. Good luck.


Try booking online, it may be available.


thanks. . .i checked online. I think I am going to keep trying.


There is a good chance a room will become available. Did you try to book it without any discounts?


Bookings change all the time. I would check three times a day. Have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised.


I am going to keep trying. . .cross your fingers!!


Hope you get it!


When are you looking to book?


We are there Oct 7 through Oct 11. We keep checking and we keep waiting for fall discounts.



Art of Animation mermaid rooms are booked from the day they open all they way until December 15th.


And they say there’s a recession. . .


Wow. I priced the hotel for this summer, and was surprised at the cost, a little. With that price, I can fit into a deluxe. But, It looks like so much fun.


The Mermaid section are standard rooms like Pop. Yes, the suites are commanding one heck of a price tag - agree with you on that. Everyone wants in them though, so they have generated some serious excitement. I am dying to see how long it takes them to bump the price up on the Nemo section and call it a preferred suite.