Bummed over trip this weekend!


:wub: I went to AAA to pay for my 11/27 trip to WDW. It was a huge $6,000 payment. I am thrilled to have it paid for. As I was chatting with the travel agent, I mentioned that my Husband, daughter and I were going to DL this Sunday - Wednesday. Boy did she pop my bubble! I was informed that this coming week will be crazy crowded! Ugg! I am so bummed out! Further more she informed me that I don’t have a chance of DL granting our request for the Sierra tower. Oh, well… I will update all on a trip report next week.



What’s going on that’s going to make it crazy crowded?


According the AAA a lot of kids are on school break?


That just stinks…sorry. I hope you have a magical trip anway. please post a report when you get back. I’d love to hear about it.


I don’t buy that, Robin. I think it’s going to be great!

We are going this weekend too, and I can’t understand what exactly is going to make it “crazy crowded”. :confused:

I mean, we got a room at the Hilton from Priceline at a ridiculously low price. Would that happen if it was going to be crazy? :huh: Maybe some local kids are on school break, but there are tons of locals there ALL THE TIME. No different than normal!

Travel agents think they know more than they do sometimes. :wink:


It’s a jewish holiday this weekend, right? so alot of school will be out ~ but “crazy crowded?”

You have a great trip anyway. A crowded day at disney is better than any empty place anywhere!


You guys are great! Thanks for the positive thoughts! We will have a blast regardless. The travel agent is just jelous (lol)


Things will be fine. Just relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Use FP and take advantage of the minor attractions.


Robin, no need to be bummed. I just got off the phone with my DD (who is a CM at DLR) and she told me the crowd estimates for next week are only 20,000, so you guys should be fine. She said the only special event is next Saturday, Oct. 7 - the CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County) Walk.

BTW, since you guys will be there on Monday, don’t forget the Meet and Greet at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in DTD, scheduled to start at 5:00 P.M. (see Experiment 6-2-6’s thread in the Disneyland Theme Parks Forum).

Have a great trip and yes we’ll need a TR with LOTS of pictures! :laugh: :laugh:


Debbie Downer is your travel agent?? I wondered where she was working now :glare: Even if the park were PACKED, that was sort of crummy for her to say that to you. Your trip will be nothing but magical!

I can tell you my kids are not out of school, and none of the districts around me are either :mickey:


is there a web page that shows the crowd levels for dl like they ave for WDW?


Thanks for the update disney&buydad. That makes me feel better. I am already stressed out that we can’t leave until 3pm on Sunday. We have a long drive from the Sf bay area. My husband can’t get off work until then. DL or bust…


Okay now that I see your sigline, I have to add you to the embarassingly large list of “people I thought were of the opposite sex that they really are”. :redface:

RSHENRY = GIRL. Girl girl girl!!! :laugh:


Disneyland’s new seasonal celebration “Disney’s Halloween” just started, so that is bring in the crowds. If you havent yet seen the pictures go to mousetimes.com and visit the new DLR photo update from sept 29/30, their wonderful! The resort has NEVER been decorated like this before, its so awesome! :smile:
AND get this, the new Mickey floral is in a halloween mask and its made of flowers and bunch of little white and orange pumpkins! How cool is that!? hehe


HALLOWEEN is in full swing…

Crowds aren’t as bad as they have been in the past…



What did I tell you about using valuable vacay time to do silly things like POST ONLINE?? :eek: Have I taught you nothing?? :blink: