Bummer re: food and wine!


Okay, Dr. Teeth and I thought that we were pretty good about knowing what was popular at WDW during various times of year, and how far in advance we had to call Disney to get ADRs and the like. Boy were we wrong! We had never been to the food and wine event at EPCOT, but figured that October would be relatively slow and as such we could call today and get reservations to one of the less expensive events (tickets went on sale on 7/31). Wrong, wrong, wrong! Pretty much everything was sold out for the weekend of October 27th; just single seats here and there. Amazing. So as an FYI, if you want reservations for food and wine events (other than wandering around drinking and eating, which we will of course do with gusto!), call now or you may be out of luck!

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Yeah. It’s super busy. Those events are sold out quickly–sometimes on the day they go on sale!


It seems soon there will be no more slow season, anytime!


Wow, that is a bummer.


I’m sorry you didn’t get the sessions you wanted. I’ve never been to the F&W festival but I’ve heard it’s very popular, the Epcot resorts are mostly booked for thoses dates and the events sell out really fast.


The food and wine festival is so much fun. Even if you can’t get into the events, I’m sure you will still enjoy it. When DH and I honeymooned there 8 years ago, we didn’t even know anything about it so we weren’t signed up for anything,but there are vendors out everywhere from all the countries and we even got to go into Budweiser Beer school ! DH loved that!!! We had a wonderful time.


We went last year and the place was totally empty. Maybe it had something to do with hurricane Wilma??? lol. Seriously though, I am trying to figure out a way back this year (come on cheap flights!) because the food and wine festival was awesome! We didn’t sign up for anything. It was such a super experience just to walk around and try out foods from each country!

I do think that the crowd level in October is MUCH better than summer months. The food and wine festival brings a higher attendance of locals to EPCoT but the crowds at the other parks should be fairly low.


Thanks for all of the wonderful replies!! I was admittedly getting a little nervous on crowds, but it sounds like it will still be relatively calm (at least compared to Memorial Day weekend, which was the last time we were there (2005)). And thanks, also, for the tips on just being able to show up and enjoy the festival without reservations! I was not aware that there was so much to do; after seeing the posts I went on the WDW site and saw how much is going on that is non-reservation. We are so looking forward to it!!!

And on the bright side on the reservations front, we were organized enough (thanks to Mousebuzz) to get all our dining reservations for our trip, particularly the LTT one of the MNSSHP nights. Thanks, Mousebuzz!



We got in at the tail-end last year, in November. And had such a wonderful time, just tasting all the different foods (and wine!) from all the countries. We even had an Australian Wine Tasting - at 11 a.m. one morning. Just walking along and they invited us in. Now, THAT was a good day! You’ll have a wonderful time, even if you don’t attend the events.


We went last year during the first week of Oct. for the Free dining and food and wine, and it was great. We didn’t do any of the “events”, but still had fun. We usually go right after labor day in early sept. and the parks are pretty empty, but last year it was a bit later and bit more crowded, but NOTHING unmanagable. In fact, we had gone last May during the flower and garden fest, and it was more crowded then, and much HOTTER. We are going again in 9/29-10/7 and plan to use the free dining and eat around the world for food and wine, but no planned events. It’s just a fun atmosphere, but still not too crowded. You should be fine and I’m sure you’ll enjoy all that F&W has to offer even without the planned events-enjoy and bon appetit!


That is scary to me. I will be there that week and wonder how crowded it will be if things are selling out like that. Are many people admitted to these events or is it only a handful of tickets per event?


Same with me Dana, I’ll be there sep29-oct4, I’m already freaking out about the crowd situation…


I think you will be ok…it’s still value season then and they are a bit slower then. I’m not really stressing it to much. This is one of many, many trips for me and I will be ok to just see a little here and there. I’m a morning tour person and always get on everything I want. I just hate all those crowds.


I hope you are right, Dana!! This will be our first October trip; I can’t imagine it being as busy as summer…maybe we will just avoid Epcot in the afternoons?

Oh, and by the way, are the majority of the events in the afternoon? So a morning person can avoid crowds?


No way will it be as busy as summer - I mean, I am concerned about crowds, but, not afraid of massive summer crowds. :c)


I was there last october (26 - 11/1) and crowds were not a issue for me. Epcot handles crowds the best I think cause of how huge it is. A morning person can avoid crowds no matter what time of year they are going. You get to those parks as soon as they open, hit every attraction that is a must do for you and the rest of the day is cake! No worries!


THANK YOU!!! This is so very helpful!!! :wub: