Bummer that turned into great news for March trip


Greetings all,

Heading up to WDW in March for my 40th bday. I had originally booked a 2 bedroom suite at OKW from 3/22 - 3/25. The idea was to have my folks come with DW and myself to celebrate the big day. Mind you, I had been planning this trip since we became DVC members 3 years ago. I wanted to conserve points as much as possible which is why I booked OKW.

Well a couple days ago I mentioned to my Mom about the trip and she hit me with the news that they would not be able to make it for financial reasons. Needless to say I was very bummed since I have been looking forward to this for years. Before some may ask, my folks would not allow me under any circumstances to pay for them (unless I won the lotto).

Now with my folks not being able to make it I was concerned since we are so much closer to the trip and schools having their Spring Break going on at the same time, we did not need a 2 bedroom anymore. I was worried that we were not going to be able to downsize the room.

Well I just got off the phone with DVC MS and we are now in a studio still at OKW and because we had points that I had banked and borrowed from last year and next year that are going to expire this year if we did not use them, I added 2 more days to our trip. So we are now going to be up there 3/20 - 3/25! WOO HOO!!!

Also, because of us still staying in OKW and the rooms are slightly bigger than the regular DVC studios, there are 2 queen size beds in the room. So, if by chance my folks change their minds and are able to come up they can stay with us and we will still be comfortable!!!

I am hopeful they will surprise me and be able to come up if even for a couple of days and be there for my bday.

Anyway, just wanted to share the news

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Sorry to hear that your parents may not be there to share your birthday with you. But congrats on the extra days at Disney!!! That’s one great b-day present!!!


Great news getting those extra Disney days! I do hope your parents can make it up for your birthday too.


Love the extra two days.
I have a feeling you’ll be sharing that room with your parents after all :wink:


That must have been a big disappointment, but I admire you for being able to see the positive side of things. I hope you have a wonderful trip and the happiest birthday ever!


Extra days of magic for you Bday!!!


Congrats on getting more days!! I just went on my 40th trip last week and had a blast!!! Never take off your birthday button!!!


You wore the button for the whole trip?


For the big ‘Four Oh My Goodness’ birthdays its allowed!:laugh:


Congrats on the 2 extra days! I hope you have a wonderful trip and I hope your parents are able to join you! That would be a great birthday surprise!



Made sure it set off the metal detectors at the airport on the way home.

Got either a cupcake or piece of cake at every table service restaurant (was not on dining plan). Got a souvenir table place mat with characters pictures and autographs from 1900 Park Fare and a pic with just me and Cinderella that went on Facebook!!

Will never forget that trip!!! Oh … and the kids had fun as well…I think.


Awesome news!


That’s awesome you got 2 extra days!!!