Bunk Beds at WL and/or AKL


In viewing the photos of the bunk beds on Allears.net, they look small. For those who have stayed in a bunk bed room, will the bunk bed be too small for someone that is 6 foot tall?



We stayed at WL in Dec and had B-Beds for the kids (8 and 6). They looked like normal size B-Beds to me, I hope this helps answer your question.


And normal bunk beds are like a regular twin. The photo just made them look so tiny, like a toddler bed.


My family stayed at AKL last year and my 17 DS slept in the bottom bunk. He is 6 feet tall and didn’t have a problem. He said they were like dorm room bed size. We are staying at WL this year in a queen plus 2 bunk bed where he will be sleeping on the bottom bunk again. If he was not comfortable I am CERTIAN he would have said something before I booked it a second time.

I hope this helps.


We’ve had the bunk beds at AKL. They are a nice size for bunk beds, but I do recommend you check with weight limitations, if the 6ft tall person is planning on using the top bunk.