Bury my heart at Disneyland


Okay, not really. But I’m sold. I’m sold so hard.

A teaser first post, cause right now I’m too brainless for anything else. I wish I had some hot chocolate, that would perk me up.

This trip was seriously an exercise in realizing you can’t control your life. …boy, oh boy. Boy.

Some highlights before I get into the thick of it:

  • sitting next to a handsome engineer on the long flight from ATL to LA.
  • Being granted a dream, no matter the size.
  • no humidity.
  • riding Matterhorn twice in 15 minutes.
  • how good (and healthy) all the food was.
  • seeing my mommy (yeah I’m 24, leamme alone).
  • DL Peter Pan OWNS WDW PP! I’m sorry, its true!!
  • getting my first pair of Mickey ears EVER. I’m not kidding.
  • getting free food (well, courtesy of parents).
  • Everything everywhere inside DL.
  • noting the differences (DL vs WDW) with a keen eye.
  • Indiana Jones ride = needs a shorter line!!!
  • seeing the inside of the Grand Californian. Tell me thats heaven.
  • the parade. Never seen anything like it.

…thats alot of highlights, and I’m sure there’s more, but my notes are buried in my suitcase and I’m too lightheaded to dig around for them. And I could list all the bad things but I don’t wanna focus on those if I can help it.

Expect a buttload of pictures. BUTT. LOAD.


YAHOO . . . bring on the pictures . . . I won’t to go to DL so badly!!

Reading all these TRs are making me crazy . . . the only way to do it would be to give up a years worth of WDW trips . . . what do you think? Should I do it? :blink:

Can’t wait to read your TR . . . bad and all! The teasers were GREAT!! :wub:


OH SCREEVER!!! Great Teaser! Can’t wait to hear ALL about it (the good & bad). I also can’t wait to see your photos!


Alright then, we’re all here waiting. Have you had your hot chocolate and something to eat? Unpack the notes and get moving, girl :blush:


AHHHHH, another one bites the dust! I KNEW IT, I KNEW you’d fall hard for Disneyland like I did! :heart: I CANNOT wait for this trip report, I am SO excited!

PS: I’ve been singing the praises of DL food for so long, I am glad you found it yummy & healthy!

PPS: Yes, the Grand Californian is heaven; I’ve only been able to stay there once but it was just about the best 4 nights of my life. :laugh:


You said it sister! :tongue:

Congrats on your first Mickey ears :mickey:! Oh, and this dream you mentioned, hmmmm. :happy:


So true. :smile:
Pictures please.


I’ll update y’all once I’m back from class, which starts in like 30 minutes, yipe. :blush:


[QUOTE=Ready2Go;860143]So true. :smile:
Pictures please.[/QUOTE]

So does Pirates :closedeye


I’m with you on Peter Pan.

And about the length of the Indy queue… just imagine standing in ALL of it, from the entrance to the end… now THAT was a line! :laugh:


Another one with you on Peter Pan. Dopey…I’m with you on Pirates too!


Transferring photos right now! While they’re at it, I’ll start it off with boring details.

There’s me, my mom, and pops on this trip.

Our initial plans were…

Thursday - fly in at varying intervals, drive to Disneyland Hilton, see Wall-E and eat dinner @ Storytellerd.

Friday - DL for me and mom since pops had a meeting at some point that day. A more relaxed pace.

Saturday - DL with everyone

Sunday - fly home.

…thiiiis didn’t QUITE happen.

6:30 am - some of you already saw that my wakeup call was from my mom saying her flight had been delayed, meaning she couldn’t meet me in Atlanta to LA. =(

9:15 - caught my own flight to Atlanta, funniest flight attendant EVER. Just hilarious dry humor over the intercom that you wouldn’t expect on an airline. :laugh: Is it just me, or are the airlines trying to instill a sense of humor into their flights during these bleak times…?

11 - caught my next flight to LA, sat next to a handsome mechanical engineer, sketched a bit, and chatted a bit. (I love artists, but stable, analytical guys are just so smexy to me. :laugh:) I gave him one of my ‘business cards’ too! :wub: Maybe he’ll facebook me haha.

1pm PST - got off the flight with a disturbing text from mom that her flight was cancelled, she couldn’t come, but was looking for another flight out. :crying: I pretty much cried right there in the airport. A trip without mom (let alone a Disney trip) is like ice cream with just ice. She did eventually get another flight (with United), but there was much sadness on my end.

Got picked up by pops, and drove to our hotel just for THAT night, Hilton @ LAX. Pushed back Disney dinner res til Friday evening, went to dinner @ McCormick & Schmick (I was SO HUNGRY!), and mom got to the hotel via shuttle at 10:30 pm. And peace and joy returned to screever’s life, lol. Whew.

LA is interesting; its very metro and very big, and I’m not sure I would live there EVER. My mom was against it too. :laugh:

Pictures in the next update I swear. Hope this wasn’t too boring!


No, it’s not boring. Keep it coming.:happy:


Nice start but please with the pictures. I may never get to Disneyland and I need to see lots of pictures.



Pops had a meeting at 9 am, so mom and I slept hard and had a pretty relaxing morning for breakfast and getting ready. Pops came back later from the meeting than anticipated, but we were on the road for DL at 11:45! Dun dun dunnnnn!

(We started getting a sense of humor about mom’s delayed flight and 14 hour wait at the BWI airport. Which was good, I suppose.)

12:30 and we’re here!!! Huzzah! Well, the Disneyland Hilton, anyway. We had to check in…put on sunscreen, pops hung up his stuff ARRGGGHH taking too long!! Bought trolley tickets, caught the trolley at 1:15, and got to the ticket counter at 1:30

…where we realized that my Blue Main Gate pass could not be used towards free admission to DL. Because it was a block-out date. :glare::glare::glare: More of an oversight on my own part, because the dates were listed RIGHT in there. Sigh, screever. Sigh… They did give us a CM discount, though, so 59 bucks a pop for two days…$360 dollars total. (SO GLAD I brought my credit card, because I never use it anyway, but they wouldn’t let anyone who wasn’t the cast member pay with CC.)

insert frustrated sounds and groaning and gnashing of teeth here

But we paid, we got in, and that was that.

It was all I could do to keep from skipping inside!!! We did this on Saturday…

Main Street!!!

I printed out a picture of Steve Martinto take with me at this site, but I bailed cause of the nerdiness. :laugh: Maybe next time!

Pops gave in to his anti-diet behavior and got a massive ice cream desert, tempting my mother like the rat he is, while my mom and I made a lunch out of a box of carrots and a box of mixed fruit which we split. (I was like…floored. They sold fresh fruits and veggies in at leat 3 cart locations in the park, that I noticed. FRESH, GOOD, FOOD. Imagine that. :blink: Why won’t WDW hop on that wagon?)

Man, everywhere we went, people were SO NICE. We’d be waiting to take a photo op where they were just starting to, and I usually offered to take the pic for them…and in return, they offered to take ours! A nice trade off.

Obligatory parents photoat the castle.

Pops noticing how many quarters were in the moat. :laugh:

And what a loverly moat it was!

Lovely pictures in the Sleeping Beauty castle. Though in all honesty, I’m still a fan of the Cinderella mosiacs at WDW. I mean. MOSAICS, people!!! That takes alot of work! I’m such an art nerd, leave me alone. :laugh:

To Fantasyland!!! Did WDW ever have THISat the Snow White ride?!? I just about peed my pants seeing it! Snow White was, by the way, much more scary than WDW, and WDW’s scared me to death when I was like 7 or 8. The sparkling effects in the dwarf’s mine were BEAUTIFUL. I was also happy to see an all out building structure at loading, instead of just a mural, though all the disney murals are beautiful everywhere.

Gah, thats all for now, I should really work on my art while I still have good daylight; I fell behind by going on this trip! :blush:


I could have taken alot more, but you’re in luck, cause I took many, and I’m throwing almost all of them in the TR! :wub: You’ll get there someday! Just gotta belieeeeeeeve~ :laugh:


I love it so far!! Can’t wait to read more!!! I want to go to DL so bad but I’ll have to wait for the kiddies to get bigger or just go with DH one of these years… LOL


This trip was seriously an exercise in realizing you can’t control your life. …boy, oh boy. Boy.[/QUOTE]

That realization is something many people never grasp… :cool:

Hopefully you do know by now what is controllable: The choices you make in your life. :pirate:

Can’t wait to read this report… :wub:

Glad you enjoyed Disneyland! :happy:


Sounds like you are having a great time so far!!


Writing a trip report is art!!! Doesn’t that count?:blink: Get back to it!

Sounds like you had so much fun…lovin the pictures!