Bus Crash at WDW-5 people injured


I just saw this as breaking news. I hope that everyone is ok!


2 Tour Buses Crash at Disney World, Injuring 5 - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News - FOXNews.com

Here is the link-One person in serious condition… I hope they are ok.


Oh my goodness, I hope everyone is OK.


Oh I hope everyone is ok.


I hope everyone is ok. I know that’s a possibility while at WDW but I don’t think about it atually happening.


Oh dear. I hope the injuries aren’t too serious.


Oh wow. I guess accidents even happen in WDW. It’s hard to imagine dealing with that while on vacation. I do hope everyone is safe and sound.


I just read the article and it says that the Disney bus driver was airlifted to Orlando medical Center in serious condition. I feel so bad… The other 7 passengers on board were transported to Celebration Health Hospital via ground with non life threatening injuries… I hope that everyone is ok…


I’m sad to hear that, I was hoping it wasn’t that serious.


Let’s hope that he is ok, and soon.


I just saw that same alert on an NBC affiliate site. Eek, so scary, I hope everyone is ok.


Thats sad. I wonder if maybe the bus driver had some
sort of medical issue and thats what caused him to crash?
Hope he is ok.


The Disney bus driver is a 57 year old female. She was entering World Drive heading into Epcot and as she came off the ramp she rear ended another bus (Mears? not sure) who was broken down on the side of the road. The news in Orlando is saying that the reason her injuries are so severe is because the whole front windshield was destroyed on impact. Fox News in Orlando said that she will be ok. Investigation is still going on… Im glad that the driver is going to be ok…


wow, that is a shame.


It surprises me that there aren’t more accidents around WDW. Now that Kate is down there on CP she says people are crazy drivers there. There are alot of tourists, of course, who really don’t know where they are going and do crazy lane changes or stop in the middle of an intersection. And then there are the locals and people who do know where they are going who are impatient with the tourists and want to get where they are going in a hurry. And the traffic is often bad,as well. She says it really is aggravation.


I think that it is very difficult to drive around there. Th traffic signs come up, and give you no time to react. I remember that we were coming in and going to POFQ. There is a sign that says POFQ next left, and then the turn is about 30 yards past that. It did not give you enough time to turn… We were in the closest lane to turn, and we still missed it.

This however sounds like an odd accident. The driver of the first bus was outside the bus, so I wonder why the second driver hit it. Sounds like something else happened…


Oh I agree, I have driven half of my visits now to WDW and am always very cautious with so many cars driving across 2-3 lanes of traffic to get their exit. Some of the “best” of I have seen is cars just stopped in the middle of the road deciding where they should go. The bus drivers do an amazing job and I always try to sit up front and talk to them while they are loading and unloading guests. They are the behind-the-scenes stars I think of WDW. I am sending prayers to all of those that were injured.


The way I’m reading this, the accident happened as you come out of that curve on the entry ramp, about 700 feet before the toll barrier.
We have what seem to be two factors here, one is the Mears bus should have gotten fully clear of the lane of traffic and gotten onto either the shoulder or grass.
Compounding this is the report of the driver being on a phone or radio at the time of the collision. Now we all know that Disney bus drivers do not talk on personal phones while driving, but that central dispatch can be pretty distracting and insistent when calling drivers on the radio.
I’d have to lay most, if not all of the fault at the driver of the Mears bus, not the Disney CM.
This is a bad situation all the way around for the resort guests who were riding and injured, as well as the driver. Hope they are all all right.


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That day, we were walking out of Epcot around 2:30pm to go back to Saratoga to catch our 3pm Disney Magical Express back to the airport to come home… didn’t happen, all bus service to and from Epcot was not available, they were turning people around back to the Monorail to the TTC, change Monorail to MK and then to your resort… we missed our 3pm DME bus…
but Disney always comes through and got us a cab to airport… no charge.