Bus Exaust


Does the smell of a bus make anyone else think of Disney World?

I was walking down the street, pass a bus stop, and a bus had just pulled away. I smelled the deisel and thougt of standing waiting for the next bus to take me to the parks.


I’d have to say the sound makes me feel that way more. When I walk through downtown Cleveland and an RTA bus passes by I swear it sounds just like Disney…


but there was a smell that used to remind me of Disney - way back when, before the plastic bags Disney now uses when you purchase something, they had a smooth paper bag. That bag used to have a certain scent (probably the ink) and I loved it. I can’t explain it but every once in a while I will come across it and automatically think - Disney.

Weird…yes, I know.


I used to have an empty bottle of nail varnish remover which smelled exactly like the old Journey Into Imagination, it was the BEST smell ever