Bus from i drive to magic kingdom


we will be staying on international drive the second week of our hol and need to get back to disney to use our tickets up.
what buses run our hotel is onsite at universal and so no shuttle bus,dont think they want you going back to disney!
have priced taxi at 40$ each way ,bit pricey
any help?
thanks cav


You might want to look into renting a car for the time you are at Universal.


I agree with mickaholic on this one. Look into renting a car. I havn’t heard many positive things about off site shuttles to the disney parks. Renting a car will be your best bet.


I would also agree. This way you can go when you want to go and do what you want to do. The shuttles only go at certain times and it can get frustrating. Good luck!


You could also book a car from Quicksilver or Happy Limo if you don’t want to drive yourself. I would probably just rent a car .


Not alot of options :c( Those busses are spotty, though. I wish there was a GOOD option!


our family drives to orlando better the bus i am afraid of buses not from disney.


Definitely rent a car. You’ll find it’s much easier and you’re on your own timeline.


The linx buses are great :happy: but if you are on vacation, I would rent a car simply because you want to go wherever whenever .