Bus operating hours


Does anyone know what are the buses operational hours at DW?

I’m trying to book my PS for the morning. :nuke:


Here you go. I believe this is still good. :smile:



Also, if you’re worried or if you sleep in a little too long, your hotel concierge/front desk can call you a cab. They’re usually not horrendously expensive.


I haven’t used it but I have heard that there is a bus that runs just for character breakfasts. One morning while we were waiting at Beach Club for a bus to BB an unmarked bus pulled up and stopped just past the bus stop, it sat for a few minutes and when no one got on it pulled away. In the 30 minutes or so we sat waiting for our bus (park hours changed so we waited a little longer than planned) two of these unmarked buses came by.


We did this for an early PS a couple of times. I think it was $10 from All-Star to the Contemporary, but it saved me worry that I wouldn’t be there in time for the PS.


AS everyone has said, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a bus for an early morning PS. They usually start running about two hours before park open for people with early PSes. If you make a PS at another resort however, I always suggest getting a cab instead of trying to get a bus to a park and then to a resort.


We have done this twice now and will soon be doing it again. The busses do run in the morning for the breakfast. We have went from our hotel to the parks and to other hotels with no problems. Just check at the front desk and they will tell you what time the busses will be there. We have never been late or missed a PS by using only Disney transportation. Just as an example: We always eat at Chef Mickey’s and take the first seating at 7:00am. At our resort we wait at the MK bus stop and it takes us right to the Contemporary. Again just check with the front desk and they will get you to the right place. :mickey: