Bus pick up order for Value Resorts?


Can anyone tell me what the Bus pick order is for the Value Resorts?


I know for sure that POP has its own bus.

The All Stars Share buses between the three resorts.


Thanks Daisee… I was wondering what order they pick up, is it:

Sports, Music then Movies or is the order different?


We have seen it done when we had our own bus (AS Movies), and at times we shared a bus. More often than not, you will only share a bus going from the parks or DTD back to your resort. In this case, the stops are Sports, Music and then Movies. If you are going to the parks at an odd time (Say 2pm) then the busses most likely will be shared again stopping at Sports, Music and the Movies.

In the mornings, we usually have had our own bus to the parks.


Thanks a bunch, DH and I are taking a short (no Kids) trip in August staying at Sports. We want to make the most of our trip, it’s been quite a few years since we’ve stayed at a Value Resort, so knowing how the buses run will help us out.


On lines that are shared, which are usually all but MK, the buses stop in order, closest to the All Stars guest gate.
Destination, Sports, Music, Movies, Destination, lather, rinse, repeat.


Lather, rinse, repeat? LOL


Yeah. Clearly the bus was switched onto another route when it returned to the original destination as Disney buses often do:laugh:


The order is ASsports, ASmovies, ASmusic. :]

But they only share buses when its really dead at the parks.
Most likely you will have your own bus at your resort.
When are you going?


Last week of August, just DH and I.


Probably each resort will have it’s own MK bus but will share Epcot, DTD, DHS, and AK between the three, or perhaps it will be two and one, i.e. bus A serves Music and Movies and bus B serves Sports depending on time of day and which resort has the most guests.


This is exactly how our experience was with the busses, ie: busier times = not a shared bus with the other resorts.:happy:


We just returned from All Stars Music and they seen to rotate the pick up order. But during busy times each resort had their own buses.