Bus rules


I’m just curious and haven’t been able to find the answer anywhere…what are the rules for riding the buses with a toddler? Do you have to have a carseat and carry it with you? That may be a deal breaker for me! This may be a stupid question, but I never paid any attention before and now have a 2 year old!


I dont know what the “official” rules are but we have always used the disney bus transportation with ds. As a baby, we held him in our arms, and now as a toddler he either sits next to us on the seat or he sits on my lap. We have never seen any type of car seat on the buses.


No Car Seats required. The only rules I know of is to stay seated or hold a rail if you have to stand. Oh and stay behind the line at the front of the bus.


I have never seen a car seat either…people don’t even keep them in the strollers because that takes up room…they just hold them!


Good question. No car seat required. Hold them or let them sit next to you. It is like riding a public bus. On the tram rides or on the trains you sit with them on the inside of the ride.


Hmmm…never really thought about this before. It does seem unsafe if there was an accident. I never ever ride a bus except in WDW, so I don’t know what the rules are in city buses. I wish all yellow buses had seat belts. Go figure. There are a million car seats rules, but none for yellow buses.


I have only seeing people holding toddlers and babies in their laps or sitting next to their parents…if a toddler or person holding a baby comes on the bus when only standing room is available…usually people give them their seat…i mean after all people are usually nice in disney world!


Florida law does not require car seats on busses. There are no seat belts even if you took a car seat.


Infants and toddlers were always on laps. Strollers were on the floor. Fold-up strollers HAD to be folded up. Every time there was a fold-up stroller on the bus, the driver wouldn’t go until it was folded. Hope this helps.


Thanks! I hated to think about lugging a car seat around! I probably won’t even bother with a stroller, just rent one there.


Welcome to DC!

The stroller issue is a personal choice, of course, but we like to take our own because it can be a really LONG walk (especially at the end of the day) from the stroller drop off, to the bus stop, then from the bus drop off to your resort room. Just wanted to add my two cents, because the times we didn’t take a stroller or rented, we ended up carrying a sleeping child.


We have always held our children as infants and the other has held the stroller. I am happy to say this past trip is our last carrying an infant as he will be 3 our next trip and we will be down to one stroller since the 3 year-old will be 5. Talk about a good work-out carrying a infant alot around WDW. We have gone to parking at the Boardwalk and riding the boat to EPCOT or DS if we are going to stay til closing time at either of those 2 parks to better fight the crowds at park closing time.


Renting a stroller can get expensive, too. Isn’t it 9 or 10 dollars a day for a stroller?


No way I’d ever rent one of those strollers. Have you ever seen them “clean” them at the end of the day? Ewww…

Disneyland has all new jogging-type strollers (WDW still has the old molded plastic ones) and I wouldn’t even rent one of those. Do you think that if a diaper leaked that the CM’s will properly sanitize them? I think not…they’ll just wipe them down - from what I’ve seen, a small brush on a small part of the stroller - with the same towel used for hundreds of strollers - and move on to the next one.

I’m sorry, but those things are nasty. I wouldn’t rent one. We always bring our own.


I would just bring a small umbrella stroller they fold up very small.


It has been debated for a long period of time about putting seat belts in buses. School buses have been the hottest debate, they use different seating material that is supposed to be more cutioning in the event of a accident. the real debate of seatbelts on school buses is how would you ever be able to keep them fastened w/o kids taking them off, or refuseing to wear them. the other debate is in the event of a emergency evacuation getting kids off who are panicking and stuck in there seats.

On city buses they have started to equip some buses with seatbelts they have had problems but they seem to now have a good system, they are not required to be used but Highly recomended. I haven’t heard any reports on weather people actually use the new style they have come up with.

On the topic of Strollers, it has NOTHING to do with space on the bus. It is a federal Law that strollers and wheelchairs be folded (except when used in a restraint system) its more of a safety issue as well, making sure the stroller is under control and not flying around the bus.

Car seats are not required in buses at this time, however I would recomend sitting on the bus or waiting for the next bus if A seat is not availble. I still think it is common courtesey to give up your seat to someone who has a child or is in there senior years. Personally I won’t sit in a bus/monorail or boat unless everyone else is seated.