Bus Service from Downtown Disney


Is it true the buses from Dowtown Disney do not run to the parks anymore?


It’s true. It’s been a long time since there were buses from DtD to the parks due to people parking at DtD to avoid paying for parking at the parks.


In my memory (which admittedly only goes back to 2000), never in that time has Disney Transport had direct service to the parks (other than Typhoon Lagoon which is free parking anyway).
Of course this is because so many people would park in DTD for free, rather than pay to park at one of the parks’ lots. You can well imagine the kind of strains this would place on the bus system. In fact it still places some strain on the system every night when guests crowd the Contemporary bus to DTD at park closing.
It stinks for actual hotel guests who wish to go directly to DTD from parks for meals.


It stinks for actual hotel guests who wish to go directly to DTD from parks for meals.[/QUOTE][/I]

I usually plan an hour for such a trip. Find the 2 or 3 hotels closest to the destination, watch which one comes first, go to that resort, then jump on the appropriate park or DtD bus from there. Two steps instead of one, but it will work in a pinch. Or, just tell the family “we want to just drop by and see this resort in case we want to go there in the future,” then it doesn’t feel so much like a “wasted” trip.


Last Dec when we went they checked to see if you were from the Contemporay, Poly or GF as you boarded the bus at the Contemp. I guess to many people from other hotel were jumping on the buses.


Big Al, my planning usually takes this into account. So, I try to end my night in either MK or Epcot if I want to eat dinner in DTD. So, I’ll either walk out to the Contemporary from MK or to the Beach from Epcot. When I finish dinner, I just grab the bus for my resort.


Excellent Plan!


Yeap, there is actually a sign that says you should take the bus to POR and wait for park busses


Parking at DTD is also extremely limited. Disney doesnt want to miss out on the $$ from people parking and goign to the parks, but there is also no space. Its so small that if all the DTD CM’s parked in the guest parking, it would be completely full and there would be no room for guests at all! If people were leaving their cars there and going to the parks DTD would lose business due to lack of parking.


What good does it do them seeing if you are a guest going to that hotel. What if you had a breakfast, lunch or diner reservation at that praticular hotel. Plus the week of Chritsmas to they have time to ask everyone for rom keys?