Bus stop locations


Ok, is this just the fact that I am an out of shape fat girl imagining this, or are the bus stop drop off/pick ups at the park located in order of resort grade? Meaning deluxe are in front, moderates and then the values in the back? I seem to remember hoofing it to the bus stop for POP! and wanting to pass out it was so far. Lol if so does anyone know the order of the stops?


I think it used to be that the Deluxe resorts were closer, but I’m not sure now. The last time we were there, we were surprised that POFQ was one of the closest out of the MK…

Everytime we go the POFQ bus is in an entirely new location at every park—partly due to new resorts opening up. I remember when the buses pulled right up to the circle curb to load at the MK—when they only needed a few buses.

I personally think that EPCOT is the longest walk of all!!! —Partly because just to get out of the park itself is a long walk…


:laugh:I think in the hot hot Florida sun, everybody thinks their bus stop is the furthest away! I honestly don’t know the answer, but I think you may be right that the deluxe guests dont have to get hot and sweaty walking like the rest of us mere mortals:laugh::heart:


No, they don’t do that. When staying at AKL, one park it was the first one, another park, towards the end and the others in the middle. And, last time I was there, they changed the Epcot one from the first one to the farthest on the right side. I really think they mix things up just to keep everyone equal.