Busch Gardens, Tampa Info?


Trying to put together a WDW trip in mid-August. Hopefully, we’ll be staying in a DVC resort. Since I probably will not want to use all the points needed to stay on the weekend, I am considering a side trip to BG in Tampa. We have never been there and we’d like to check out the park.

Anyone have first-hand knowledge of BG?

I’d also be interested in suggestions for affordable, clean, nearby places to stay the two nights we’ll be in Tampa.

Any advice will be most appreciated. TIA!


BG is a nice park they have done a lot over the last several years. They have several roller coasters now from mild to wild. and would be nice for a different pace to break your time up. As far as hotels all I can recomend is DO NOT stay in a hotel near BG especially on Busch Blvd. I would venture further west (west of I-275) and stay somewhere on dalemabry hwy. Hotels on Busch Blvd haven’t had the best reputation and crime over the last 2 years.


Stayed at Courtyard last year only 1 or 2 exits north. Worked out well.

BG worth a trip. Some great costers. We rode the newest one on opening day last year (Shriekra?) and it’s wild with a couple of 90 degree drops!!!


We returned to BG last November, after a few years. And I must agree that it was a wonderful park. It was almost one of my favourite days of our vacation. We’re not “rollercoaster” people at all, but it was great just to walk around to see all the animals, I enjoyed the “King Tut” exhibit, “Rhino Rally” was a new, fun thrill ride and it was terrific. The crowds were non-existent and the food - like all Anhauser-Busch parks - was very good! If you have the opportunity and want a change of pace - go!


Busch Gardens is a great park. If you like roller coasters then this is a definite park to experience. As for Hotels, just north of the park there are a couple of nice ones right next to the University of South Florida.