Busch Gardens - Williamsburg


Hi All,

We went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg this past week and I just wanted to post a mini-trip report.

It was very clean. I would say it was as clean as any amusement park that I have been to.
It is set in a beautiful setting. They have actually built the park around the beautiful natural setting inside of cutting down every tree in sight. The layout is somewhat similar to Hershey Park where the attractions are very compact.
The price to get in with $6 discount tickets was $46 for and adult and $38 for a kid which isn’t terrible. However kids are years 3 to 6. Since when did a 7 year old get to be an adult? :nonono2:

They have no clue how to move people. I do not think that they were really understaffed. I just think they have no idea how to move people efficiently like WDW does. My wife waited on line for ice cream on a line that was 20 people deep. That stinks but guess how long it took to get the ice cream? 50 minutes!!! :angry: That really sucks! The ride lines were long and just didn’t move.
The food in general was terrible. We ate at Octoberfest and it was only one grade better than dogfood. It was just terrible! :eek:

Overall, we had a nice day but I wouldn’t hurry back. As much as I tried not to compare it to WDW, it certainly made me long for the real thing! :cool:


Awe, thats too bad that it’s like that, we have thought about going there many times but never have. Hmmm, maybe we’ll take it off the list of places we want to go to. It does look really pretty though. Did you go on that rollercoaster that is partly underground? Do you know what I am talking about? Heehee.


We felt the same when we went in October last year. It is a beautiful park, very clean and we happened to be there for the Halloween celebration on the last weekend they were open. It was a lot of fun but far from the WDW experience. Most of the rides lacked the total involvement and attention to detail that Disney incorporates. We did not do the rollercoaster…guess we just missed that. But since I have never done haunted houses it was an experience I really enjoyed. We didn’t think there was enough selection of rides or places to eat to justify the price of the ticket if there had not been the special event of Halloween going on.


I saw a show on the travel channel about it and it looked really cool! I just loved the way it had all the huge trees.


we have been there a couple times and really liked it but it certainly does not have the emotional punch that disney does. busch gardens is more of a amusement park just rides. I live about two hours from Hershey and like that more. especially at christmas but it still is not Disney.


Hey, not to hijack my own thread but maybe you could post a bit on Hershey. We were there in 2003 with the kids and liked it. Any details that you have about the Xmas or Halloween events would be great!


Well that’s too bad.

We lived there eons ago when we were just kids and DH was in the AF. We thought it was Nirvanna. I still have very fond memories of it.


Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad but some portions of the experience were poor. It’s hard to overlook poor service.


Well it WAS Easter weekend and spring break for all the public schools.

Much of the staff are college kids so they may well have been short handed. I try to avoid holidays at ALL parks - although we do the Hallowscream at BG.


Guys - it is a great park, just not WDW. Do not decide that it isn’t worth it just because it is not WDW. It is not meant to be WDW, just like Universal Studios is not meant to be WDW. But, you are right about the food!


I agree and it had some really nice aspects. They just need to try to create a sense of urgency for the cast members. :cool:


I just can’t believe the prices these theme parks are charging these days. There’s no way some of these places are worth any more than $20. Ok…I’m off my soapbox now…

We’ve been talking about going down to Busch Gardens this summer, but with the gas prices now, I don’t know if we’re actually gonna do it…


I live like , five minutes from there

for the most part its a good place to visit
but as mentioned before the lines do tend to get long
and IMO the rides are not long enough :biggrin:
I have been there and to Kings Dominion many times but have yet to visit WDW but I will be going for the first time in Feb. 2007 with my GF :wub: lovepixiedust :wub:


Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, the home park…BG Williamsburg is amazing. Unbelievable setting, beautiful scenerey, great coasters.

skwak, I’ve been a season’s pass holder for years, and I’ve never had anything close to a 50 minute line for food. My only guess is that you picked the most crowded day of the year to go. I agree with you about the lines for rides, though. They really need to steal the fastpass idea. Oh, and you should have eaten at the Smokehouse. It rivals anything at WDW, including alot of the table service. It’s not Le Cellier, but it rivals pretty much everything else I’ve eaten at WDW.

pumouse, don’t let that review scare you off. Don’t go expecting Disney and you’ll be happy with it. Go to any other theme park (Kings Dominion) first and then see what you think.

Huakai, the Halloween event at BG is one of the most popular times to go.

I’ve been to Hershey Park. The theming at BG is great. Hershey Park is just so-so. It’s much better than Kings Dominion or anything like that, but to compare the theming at Hershey Park to BG is way off.


[QUOTE=cmrncraz15]Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, the home park…BG Williamsburg is amazing. Unbelievable setting, beautiful scenerey, great coasters.

Huakai, the Halloween event at BG is one of the most popular times to go.

It most definitely was one of the most beautiful parks we have been to. Even with the Halloween event being so popular, we couldn’t have had a better day. It was a perfect temp, overcast with a fine mist falling. The crowds were very low during the day, although the wait in line was pretty long for rides. DH kept thinking the ride was not working and that was why the line wasn’t moving, but it wasn’t the case. Even though I thought the price of the ticket was a bit high, I would still do it again, especially for Hallowscream.