Business Trip?!?!?


Well, I am getting tired of drooling over the number of days until our next vacation, so I thought I’d post a little business trip to Philadelphia report.

I spent most of Sunday evening getting ready, packing etc. Had to pack me up for 2 weeks, DH, DD and DS up for the week-end (they are joining me) and DD for her dance competition next week-end. Then DD has a current events project due on Friday and she wanted me to help her. Then DD also reminded me that I had promised to straighten her hair before I left. So, I woke up tired on Monday.

I got ready and kissed the kids and DH good-bye. DD got up early to wait for the taxi with me. It arrived right at 6:30 as planned. The taxi driver was kind of boring, so I was happy when we got to the airport. Small plane (only 2 seats on each side of the aisle), but it was a really short flight. After picking up my luggage I decided to take the subway to the hotel, because it looked really easy. Big mistake. All the way I just missed connections (which weren’t easy to make anyway). It took me 10 minutes to figure out how to buy my ticket in the first place, and when I finally arrived at my destination it was a ½ mile walk to the hotel. Should have taken a taxi (called DH and told him to take one when he arrives on Friday).

The hotel is nice, Hyatt Regency at Penn’s landing, and is right on the Delaware River. I dropped off my bags and got a taxi to the office (was too tired to walk at that point). I spent Monday afternoon working, and left at about 5pm to walk back to the hotel. It’s a nice walk. I pass Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the B. Free Franklin Post Office on the way. I also found a little market/deli on Market Street and picked up a sandwich for dinner. I asked the concierge for a running loop recommendation, and he suggested taking a taxi to a park across town (is there anyone who sees anything wrong with this, besides me). He said running to the art museum (where Rocky ran up the steps) was about 2 or 2.5 miles. So, I decided I’d try going there and back in the morning.

Tuesday morning I got up early, took my map and ran. I hate running in a new place the first day, because working with a map slows me down. But, I did it. It was way farther than the concierge had said (my co-worker mapped it at 2.95 miles each way), and it is all brick and concrete under your feet all the way. Plus, my running top was chaffing, and I was actually bleeding from it by the time I got there. Not a good run, but I did it. I was so thirsty and hungry by the time I got back, that I paid $4.50 for a Gatorade and banana in the coffee shop. (I have since stocked up on my own courtesy of the little market, which has much cheaper fare). Not much happened the rest of the day. I walked around a little after work. Talked to my family 3 times that day (on my walk to work, after school and before bed). DD has a little cold and is missing me. I can’t wait until they get here on Friday night

Today I did the same run 4 minutes faster. I pass city hall (a beautiful building) the LOVE statue/fountain, and the Franklin Institute on my way. It was a much better day. I wore a different top, that didn’t chafe as much. I also passed a sporting goods shop on my way back that I plan to visit during lunch to get a new top. Talked to the family on my walk to work. DS and DH are doing fine. DD is still missing me. I don’t think she likes being the only girl in the house. :sad:


It sounds like a pretty good trip so far(even if it isn’t Disney!!)


Hey! I was wondering how you were making out in philly. Sounds ok cept for that $4.50 breakfast and the chafing top. I am sorry to hear that your DD is sick and missing you. I hope Friday gets here quick. Keep the report coming. :heart:


I worked in Center City (Philly) for years, but I work in the burbs now. I love the city. If you can, swing by the Reading Terminal for a quick meal; they have a terrific assortment of food vendors. The city also has great restaurants and cultural exhibits. I hope you enjoy yourself.


Oh sounds like you having a pretty good time. I know how your daughter feels being the only girl at home. It’s tough but once you get home she will appreciate you even more than you could ever imagine!!!(for a while anyway lol)


I miss them so much, but they will be her tomorrow night!!! DS7 called me last night at 9:30 to tell me he wanted a glass of water! Seems DH told him to get it himself and the pitcher was full and too heavy to lift, so instead of asking DH for help, he called Mom.

Yesterday after work I went shopping. Bought a cute top and a new running top (which is great - am going back to buy another today, only $10). Fell asleep during LOST last night. Did my run again today, but had a harder run. We moved over to a different building today to start setting up the classroom where we will be teaching next week. There are 3 other instructors here who I have met before on various trips. I love this part. I start bumping into more people I know and setting up the room is fun too. Oh, I forgot to mention - I bumped into an old boss from 13 years ago on the street the other day. He is in town for work too this week. Small world.


I am so glad that friday is almost here for you. You must miss them all so much. Once you get to setting up the room and running into old friends, the time will pass quicker. Have fun and enjoy.


OK, let me try to finish this report while I have time and before I forget things. I taught all day yesterday from 8:00am thru 4:15pm and I am still exhausted (I did get about 45 minutes for lunch). I only had an hour of teaching this morning, so I have a little time (I have no idea how teachers do this day in and day out).

I stopped at a Whole Foods market on my way back from work on Friday and stocked up on snacks for DH, DD and DS. Then I watched a little TV until about an hour before I expected them. Went down to the lobby to wait (they were coming by taxi from the airport). There was a prom at the hotel Friday night, and I got to watch all the couples arriving. All I have to say is that DD will be far more appropriately dressed when she goes to her prom. Necklines were more like navel lines. And the girls were all wearing the wrong undergarments – lines everywhere. It was terrible.

DD, DH and DS arrived at about 9:15pm and I though the kids would be exhausted, but they were really excited. They looked all around the room, and loved the view. I forgot to mention that I have a great view of the Delaware River and the Benj. Franklin Bridge from my room. It is beautiful at night too. Then, DH wanted to go get a drink downstairs, and the kids were up for it. After we were served, DS started to fade. He was almost asleep in my lap by the time DH and I very quickly finished our drinks. So, up to bed for an early morning.

We got up early and got dressed and made our way up to a little diner I pass on my run at around 4th and Chestnut. DS loved it because they had those stools that spin around. Pretty good breakfast and then we were off to the Independence Hall visitor center. It was about 8:45 by that time and we picked up tickets for the 9:30 tour. We went thru security and looked around the buildings we were allowed into without a ticket – one was an old courtroom, which was actually the first home of the US Supreme Court (I think there were only 6 justices then) and the other held period flyers/replicas of the Declaration of Indep., the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution, as well as the inkwell used in the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The tour was great, and the kids loved seeing where the Declaration was signed. They had seen National Treasure last year and now both love the history behind it.

After that we got onto the subway to make our way up to the Art Museum, so DS and DH could run up the Rocky stairs. All I have to say is that I HATE the Philadelphia transit system. There are no maps available for tourists to take, not enough posted, they charge more for paying by cash rather than buying tokens – even if there are no token machines in that station, the signs directing you to the various trains are not displayed in prominent areas, and the people who work there are surly and rude.

We all enjoyed running up the Rocky stairs, and we even found Rocky’s bronzed footprints at the top, which I hadn’t noticed in all my runs up to the top earlier in the week. Then we walked down to the LOVE fountain to take pics of the kids. I am a little disappointed because they didn’t really come out and it was sunny, so I didn’t notice until that night. DS was playing with my lens and we scolded him, but he must have damaged something because I noticed later that the lens cover doesn’t open all the way automatically now. The only pictures that didn’t come out before I noticed were the ones by the LOVE fountain. Oh, well (and I’ll try to post some pics in here when I get home).

We passed the Franklin Institute, which the kids wanted to see the outside of, since that was featured in National Treasure, and then we made our way down Market Street to Hard Rock Café. We had done so much walking by that time, and it was almost 80 degrees, so I immediately ordered a frozen Pina Colada/melon thing that was unbelievable. I don’t normally like Pina Coladas, but this hit the spot. DD and I split a Cob Salad, and I think DS and DH each had a hamburger. After stopping in the gift shop so DD could buy her souvenir (I normally buy each kid a souvenir when I travel, and this time I let them pick their own – DD bought a T-shirt – very cute) we walked down Market to the B. Free Franklin Post Office and Franklin Court. We saw the postal museum, and the remnants of Franklin’s house, and then stopped in the museum to see a movie about Ben Franklin.

Next stop was Betsy Ross’ House – they had someone playing Betsy there and she talked to the kids about her role in designing the flag, and then showed them how she cut a 5-pointed star by folding the paper in a special way and using one cut of the scissors. She gave the one star to both kids and told them not to argue over it because there was no fighting allowed in her house. DH and I got such a chuckle out of that. Then we headed back to the hotel for a swim break. I took the kids to the pool while DH watched TV, and the he came down to let me go back for a quick nap. We went to dinner at Mexican Post on Chestnut between Front Street and 2nd. It was OK, not the best I’ve had – and the Sangria was good, not great, but really expensive.

Sunday we woke up not as early and tried a diner on South Street. DDs french toast was really good, everything else was just OK. We worked our way back to the Sea Port museum next to the hotel (free between 10 & 12 on Sunday) and did a quick tour. We were given tickets for the historical ship and submarine tour, but we wanted to catch the 11:00 ferry to Camden, so saved the tickets for later. We caught the River Link ferry right outside the museum and took it over to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ. We were able to see the new Sponge Bob 4-D movie (Shrek at Universal Studios is better) and toured the aquarium. We all loved the aquarium. It is much bigger and brighter and more interactive than the one in Boston. DS LOVED petting the sharks and rays. I think DDs favorite part was the hippo.

By the time we got back on the ferry it was already 4pm and we decided to skip the ship tour and try to have DH and the kids use their tickets to do it on Monday. The kids had a swim break at the hotel and then we went to dinner at a sub shop (they call them hoagies here) on Market Street because DH HAD to have a Philly cheese steak – I have no idea why, we can get them up in Massachusetts too. We then worked our way over to South Street to get Irish Ice that we had been hearing about on the Visitor Channel at the hotel. It’s OK. They serve it with frozen custard, and I decided I prefer frozen yogurt much better. We then went back to the hotel and I started packing for DH and the kids.

The next morning I got up early and did my run – I took the week-end off and it was worth it – my run on Monday was the best I have had since I’ve been here,  I got myself ready and left for work.  DH, DD and DS were awake and starting to get ready when I left.  They had breakfast and toured the Mint and the Federal Reserve and then came up to the office to meet a few people and have me print their boarding passes.  After they left they did the tour of the ship and submarine by the hotel and the kids loved it.  They had one last swim in the pool and then called me to say good-bye before leaving for the airport.  Their flight was delayed a little, so they didn’t get home until after 9pm.  The kids were exhausted.

As for me – I’m still here, but will be having dinner at home tomorrow night!!!!  I’m so glad we had DH bring the kids in for the week-end.  They learned so much while they were here and we all really enjoyed the week-end.


E&B mom,
Are you still in town? I did not follow this thread. If you are stuck here this weekend we will try to get up and meet.


Thanks Boss Mouse! I am leaving tomorrow afternoon. I really love this city (except your subway) but I’m excited to get back home.


Darlin, it ain’t my city. take it if you wish. I’m a bout an hour down the road. I was looking for an excuse to take a road trip. Glad your trip worked out.

And enjoy Hersey Park. Dumb and dumber are going there for a school trip Saturday. Any repairs they cause to be made should be completed by the time you guys visit.


Boss Mouse - see my post in Chit Chat about Hershey Park.


OK - have my pictures in the computer now. I’m going to try to load some of them. I’m not good at re-sizing, so I hope they don’t turn out distorted.

These are from our first day of sight seeing


And these are from our 2nd day (sunday)


Got bored, and thought I’d try to bump my own thread up in case someone missed the pics.