Buuuunnnny, oh BUNNY?


OK, so does anyone remember the part of Muppet Vision 3D (this part is in both the DCA and MGM version) where Sweetums goes across the bottom of the stage with a flashlight looking for Bunny and is screaming…

“Buuuunnnnnyyyyyy, oh BUUUNNNYYYYYYY!”

ok, well my husband ALL weekend has been yelling that to get our dog Cody to come to him, or eat, or to go out, etc. :blink: :laugh: :laugh: Not only is it scary that Cody is responding to the “bunny” call but how scary is it that we interject Disney show script into our everyday lives. :noo: :wacko: :laugh: :laugh:

some of you maybe remember last year when Daniel went around the house calling our dog Emma “Simba 1” and Cody “little Red.”

This is getting serious.:laugh:


You might have to get professional help for him…I would suggest calling Mickey at Mousketrips!