Buy park merchandise HERE!


Everyone should know this information, just in case you find yourself needing a particular item from the parks! No reason to pay extra for an outside service to fetch a park item.

Call Disney Merchandise Guest Services and they will send someone into the parks to buy the item you want. You will pay for the item and the shipping. Here is the phone number:


They also have a website that has a ton of stuff – check it to see if your item is there. If it is not, just call them on the phone. Here is the website link:

Disney Parks | Disney Store

Happy shopping!!!


Thanks for posting this. Perhaps you can make it a sticky. I think someone was just looking for this info.


I would love to make this into a sticky, but alas we need a supermoderator to do that. This is a really good shopping service! It has saved us from a few crying jags, that’s for sure!


Called them yesterday and ordered the Disney Village “Winter Castle” . We had seen it while at DTD and did the usual “We’ll comeback and get it” in May. Needless to say that’s why I made the phone call!


i am checking the site out now… and I am loving it.


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Very cool link, THANKS! So many times I have been in a store or at a kiosk in the parks trying to decide if I should buy something or not and decide not too. Its not until I get home that I kick myself and say I should have bought that! :pinch:


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This is great info! Thank you!


We must be on the same page because this morning I was looking for a way to get DVC merchandise via serch engines and ran across this info. I should have waited an hr or so.:laugh:


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I hate to see everyone going to some of those sites where they list a small number of park items that they will mail to you for a huge surcharge, plus shipping and handling fees. It’s such a shame, when Disney has this lovely service.

We once bought an orange hat at AK, in a shop near Kilmanjaro. I loved it like there was no tomorrow. Near the end of our stay, I left it on a chair in one of the theaters (at Muppetvision, I think!). I had to come home shortly after, so I called the phone number, described the hat and the shop, and they went to AK and got a new one for me the same day! Nice!


They offer this service while you are at the parks too. If you forgot a sweatshirt you wanted to get in a certain store or whatever…they will get someone to go get it for you.


This is so nice for the people that can’t ever go. However I feel merchandise is much more special when you actually get to buy it at the park. I love my Mickey stuffed animal from last year, the year I graduated and the year I went to Disney!


i used this for a purse for my daughter… she then came back and said it wa son sale… with shopping it was less then it was when i first saw it…


Is the shipping and handling charge the same when you call that number as it is when you order it online?

Are you able to order the different things other then what is shown on the website?


If only you could order Mickey Premium Bars


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