Buy tickets at the DL Hotel?


Hi! I am wondering if we can buy our Disneyland theme park tickets at the Disneyland Hotel? Thanks!


I believe you can. But I have never stayed there, so I don’t know for sure.

You can also buy online… :wub:


I’ve never been to DL so I am just assuming…but you can buy your tickets at the WDW hotels so I would imagine you could buy them at the DL hotels as well.

Or like 626 said…online.


You can purchase DL tickets at a bunch of area hotels (if they have the Mickey statue in the lobby, it means they are a Good Neighbor Hotel and sell DL tickets) so I would assume you can buy them at the Disneyland Hotel too.

Personally I would buy them online before you leave, that way you get the excitement of them arriving in the mail and you can head straight to the parks when you get there!


BUY THEM ON-LINE, you save $20-$40 PER multi-day park hopper!!!

Disneyland Resort -Tickets Only

PS: they also arrive in an ADORABLE little Tinkerbell envelope!
:tinkerbell: :heart:


thanks! I’m getting so excited!!


Wow, becky… almost time to go!!! Have fun!