Buying Additional Points


I know, I cant believe I’m thinking about this already having only been a member for a month!

But DH is really drivign this as he wants more points to take family down with us.

Here’s my question:
My use year is March.
So if I bought additional points in December, would I still get my points for this use year even though its well past March? Or would they kick in as of March next year?


When you buy more points, it is a new, separate contract and your use year isn’t necessarily the same. Yay for more points :mickey:


You would get the 08 points then get more points in March of 09.

If you get the same use year it could be easier to manage your points but that’s a personal decision on what works best for you. Getting an add on with teh same use year makes your first contract a master contract.


Cool, hopefully I can get the same use year. I am hoping to be able to use points from 08, which is why i want to complete the transaction before end of year.
My DH is addicted - yes!!!


We ended up buying more points during our use year. We were able to use it then, and it did not change our use year (i.e. have 2 dates). I am not sure about others. They seem to make it worth your while. Congrats on the points


When we purchased more points (March 2006), they did something (pro-rated the cost) so that we kept the new points in with the same as our original use year (October) Even though I bought the points in March 2006, they gave me my new points for October 2005 use year, and then in October 2006 we received the points for 2006, etc… I’m sure they will offer you that option. I guess it would cause a nightmare trying to figure out eligibility reservations if you have more than 1 use year.

Congratulations on getting more points!!! NEVER TOO SOON! NEVER TOO MANY!!!


What ever you do DON’T buy any resale packages unless they have the same use year. It would drive you insane trying to keep up with it.

You can buy as few as 25 additional points for cash or 50 points financed directly through DVC. They don’t have to be in the same resort, but you really should keep the same use year, which is not a problem through DVC.

Remember, “You can never have too many DVC points, except when it’s time to pay annual dues.” :laugh:


Yes, if you bought more points direct from DVC, you would get your March 2008 UY points, and you would be able to bank them, even if you’re past the banking deadline.

I have a March UY, and I bought some more points in Feb 2008 and was able to bank my Mar 2007 points, even though I was way past the banking deadline. The best thing about this approach – I only had to pay 1 month’s of maintenance fees but got a whole year’s worth of points. :happy:


When you buy more points from DVC, they will always have the same UY as your master contract. The only way to get a different UY from DVC is to purchase a new master contract of 160 points or more.


Ok, DH is officially addicted to DVC. We are buying an additional 50 points shortly after we return from Paris. He doesn’t want to wait for the news for contemporary and wants to buy the remainder at AKV now. Which is fine by me. Now we will have 210 points!!! So excited!!!

So much Disney coming up for us!


That is very good to know! I guess the key is that this is true when you buy from DVC. Purchasing resale from another source gives you whatever UY that contract has, correct??


Yes, that is correct.