Buying APs at the Hotel


I’m obsessively working on the logisitics of my upcoming trip… (I love the fact that something that is more than 3 months away I refer to as “upcoming.” :wink: )

Anyhoo, I don’t want to take the chance of trying to check in without APs. Can I buy them in the resort lobby? Or do I have to stop at DTD on the way from the airport?


Why not buy them ahead of time, perhaps at a Disney store? The clock on them doesn’t start running until you first use them for entry, as I understand…So you could save yourself the worry by having them already in hand when you arrive, without worrying about wasting any of the time available on the pass before your trip.


I am so glad to hear you say that. We are thinking about buying APs and my DH said we needed to wait until the last minute so we could get the most use out of them!

Thanks trilliumB!


I was told we had to have an AP when we checked in, ours expires 2 days before we arrive, and CM at reservations asked for AP number. So - if you are counting on a discount better have it ready.


BTW – Matt, you sound eerily close to my DH in your planning and replanning and making sure all is right.
Do you drive your DW crazy? (just kidding!)


It’s funny you should ask that.

In past years, I possibly would have driven her nuts.

However, our life is sufficiently hectic that we’ve really come to appreciate our vacations. The last two trips to WDW have been magical. We call it “vacation in a box.”

I spend a lot of time working out the details ahead of time and leave sufficient room for flexibility. That way, once we get down there, all we have to do is enjoy ourselves. If we WANT to think about what to do next, then we can, but otherwise, all we have to do is what the schedule tells us to do.

Recently, I’ve asked her if she wants to read the itinerary and she says, “No. I’d rather have you tell me about it or just enjoy it when we get there.” :wub: I guess she trusts me. :smile:


MerlinMatt: buy them ahead of time at the Disney Store and just have them activated at the TTC on the way to your hotel (or whichever park is closest to your hotel). That’s what we did last time. We bought them about two months ahead of time and activated them at the MK before checking in at the Contemporary.

Just to refresh everyone else: the time on AP’s doesn’t start ticking until the first time you use them. You can buy them 5 months ahead of time if you want, but they won’t start until the first time you put it through the machine at the gate. :slight_smile:


Make sure the Disney Store that you buy the AP’s from gives you a voucher and NOT a pass. If you are given a pass,give it back before your transaction goes through,because a pass will start that day and a voucher will start the day you activate it.


As I recall, you can’t buy AP’s or exchange vouchers at the resorts. You have to buy/exchange at one of the park ticket booths or guest relations.


OK, now I am confused.

I can buy these at a Disney Store, there is one near us. How do I activate them? Do they just activate the first time that we push them through the gate machines or do we need to go early and go to guest relations at the park?

Help? :eek:


The disney store should sell you a voucher for an AP which you then exchange for the actual AP ticket at one of the parks ticket booths or guest relations. That way your AP date is the first day you actually use the ticket, not the day you purchased the voucher.


You can get vouchers that you change out at any of the 4 parks or DTD for the real thing either from, a local disney store, and from our very own


The guest services at Epcot or DTD are usually the best place to activate them because they aren’t very busy.


OK, thanks. Now that I can do!! :cool: